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How to educate pei

Sharpe - dog patient, but a little stubborn. Therefore, the owner of this dog should stock up considerable patience to ensure the proper care of Sharpey and raise wonderful dog in all respects. But education - this is not training, dog behavior and the rules and ... the owner in relation to it.

How to educate pei

Instruction how to educate pei

Step 1:

Buy products for dog care: kogterezki, shampoo, cotton pads for the ears, brush hair. Skins pei does not require any special care, but every time after eating, wipe the dog's muzzle with a soft towel to food residues do not accumulate in the folds and then became the cause of inflammation of the skin Bathe pei no more than once in two months.

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Step 2:

Note that Sharpe - dog neat and avoid defecating where sleep. So walk with the puppy before and after sleep. Gradually increase the time and the radius of the walks, the dog managed to remember all adjacent to your home territory. At first, keep a dog with a leash, but do not keep it taut. The puppy should get used to the fact that the lead - a symbol of a walk, but not forced departure home.

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Step 3:

Do not punish your puppy if after his pranks have gone for some time. Scold him only if caught in the "scene of the crime."

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Step 4:

Just designate those areas in the house where the puppy admitted (children's room, bedroom and so on.). To do this, never, do not put it in the room, even if it is still quite small. Dogs have an excellent memory, and sometimes just once let something to pet and then take it for granted and resist your attempts to stop previously allowed the action. Therefore, do not place near a helpless puppy in bed, unless you want a few months to fight for a piece of the blanket with the adult dog.

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Step 5:

From the first days all teams learn pei. So Sharpe few stubborn and can execute some commands on the mood, achieve at least the fact that it implicitly carries out the command "to me!". To do this, Put your puppy on a long leash, say the command and start slowly and gently pull him to her. Once the dog will be there for you, treat her tasty morsel and remove the collar. Repeat this procedure several times a day and be sure to encourage your puppy constantly. After the dog Harden this lesson, you will at least be sure that Sharpe did not get lost in an unfamiliar place, unless, of course, did not encounter any unforeseen situation.

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Step 6:

Feed pei conventional dog food. When Pei will change milk teeth at constant (4-5 months), buy him a special toy or periodically let the bones. If you see that the puppy enthusiastically chewing chair leg, do not abuse it, and immediately give him a toy that he was not distracted from the pleasant experience, and you have peace of mind knowing your furniture.