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How to feed a puppy Alabai

Central Asian Shepherd Dog - Alabai, a dog is a serious and demanding in its content is almost a professional approach. This shepherd breed, which is characterized by a stable nervous system, patience and self-confidence. ALABAY depending on the person, but brave and unobtrusive, used to make decisions for yourself and never bark without a reason. They need to be taught obedience, they need good care and proper nutrition. Feed your puppy Alabai as necessary taking into account features of the breed.

How to feed a puppy Alabai

Instruction how to feed a puppy Alabai

Step 1:

For feeding a puppy please create two separate aluminum or enameled bowls for food and water, place them on pedestals corresponding growth of the puppy. Getting food, he has to pull the face up. Adjust the stand as the dog.

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Step 2:

The feed must be absolutely fresh, room temperature. Timing of feeding should be observed strictly, after the end remove the feeding bowl with the food. The dog can not overfeed, is not immediately affect its exterior. Menyayte3-5 water once a day, it should always be in a bowl.

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Step 3:

Feed your dog a concentrated food with a small volume. Do not give your puppy sweets and bird bones in any form. Danger to his life may become a rib of beef or lamb bones.

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Step 4:

With one and a half months start giving the puppy raw beef bones. They should be given at the end of the food that the puppy is not rushed at them eagerly, and chewed slowly.

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Step 5:

And three puppy feed months 6 times a day, up to four - 5, with four to six months - 4 times, and then, about one year - 3 times a day. With one year to three years Alabais fed twice a day. After three years, proceed to one meal a day 6 days a week, one day, make a discharge, if the vet does not appoint another prescription.

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Step 6:

The transition to a reduced number of feedings usually occurs painlessly, dog itself waives one of them. The volume of food needed puppy, define, observing him. If your dog overeat, then the next feeding, he reluctantly goes to a bowl and leave uneaten food. Reduce its volume or reduce the number of feedings.

Step 7:

Do not feed your puppy between feedings, and be sure to include it in the diet of fruits, vegetables, herbs - nettle, parsley, sorrel, celery, dandelion leaves, the tops of carrots and beets. To prevent worms give him garlic daily. If the power is properly organized puppy will be neither too thin nor thick.