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How to feed a puppy Doberman

Doberman pinscher - pedigree dog and requires careful maintenance. To an adult Doberman kept working qualities, received prizes at exhibitions, a worthy representative of the breed, it must be perfectly healthy, and good nutrition plays an important role in this. Metabolism laid still a puppy, so proper puppy food - the guarantee of health of the adult dog.

How to feed a puppy Doberman

Instruction how to feed your puppy Dobermann

Step 1:

Breeders strongly recommend feeding dry puppy professional pet food premium. Their composition is perfectly balanced, finished feed containing the necessary vitamins and trace elements for all dogs age. Pleasure is not cheap, but feed your dog natural food, observing all the rules, it is unlikely much cheaper. If you decide to transfer your pet to the finished feed, remember to add to it can not be natural - it could lead to overfeeding and metabolic disorders. Permissible to give a small amount of vegetables. Furthermore, cheap finished feed often give rise to allergies.

Step 2:

The basis of natural food should be raw meat, it is permissible to vary feeding offal. It is better if the meat is sinewy. Do not let the dog raw pork - it is fraught with helminths. Puppies up to six months should be given porridge cereals (rice, buckwheat, oats), cow's milk, calcined cheese, vegetables (grated carrots, zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers). Potatoes can not dogs!

Step 3:

From time to time add to the food raw chicken egg yolk (6 months - a whole raw egg) and vegetable oil. From 7 months, cottage cheese, milk and eggs do not need to give, you can enter into the diet useful for Dobermans cooked or raw fish without any major bones (sardines, pollock) and to increase the proportion of vegetables. NEXT to the meat did not have small bones, it is impossible to give any puppies or adult dogs tubular bird bones - it is very dangerous. Low-fat yogurt and fermented baked milk Dobermanns allowed.

Step 4:

It is unacceptable to feed the little Dobermans food from his table. Soups, pasta, sausages they are contraindicated. All food should be fresh. Any sweets for dogs not intended. As a delicacy is better to give a piece of dried bread or low-fat cheese. Do not try to constantly vary the diet - this is not necessary, puppies feel better, eating familiar food. The dog must always be clean water. Do not feed any puppies or adult dogs are very hot or very cold food.