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How to feed a puppy York

Choosing diet for your pet, do not forget, Yorkshire terrier - a small dog, whose digestive system is designed very delicately. Perhaps enough large animal does not respond to spoiled food or poorly balanced diet. A body in a small York this may lead to serious disturbances.

How to feed a puppy York

Instruction how to feed a puppy York

Step 1:

At the age of 2-4 months, feed your puppy should be 4-5 times a day. York Food must be complete and high-calorie, contain essential minerals and vitamins. puppy food should contain boiled meat with rice, boiled eggs twice a week, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, two times per week can be given boiled sea fish.

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Step 2:

When the puppy was 4 months, gradually reduce the number of feedings to 3 times. For York this period of life is very busy, as puberty begins, there comes a change of teeth and puppy growth still continues. So very carefully about your puppy.

How to feed York

Step 3:

In the period from 6 to 9 months, continue to feed the pet 3 times a day. Power in this period is different from the power supply in the previous stages. York should be fed the same set of products. By this age your puppy ends with major growth and change has already occurred teeth. However, not yet finalized the formation of muscle and bone, and it takes place during this period of development of the dog. So do not forget to feed your puppy a good quality fodder in sufficient quantities.

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Step 4:

At the age of 9-12 months, reduce the number of feedings to twice. pet food should be varied and nutritious, since the formation of the puppy is still ongoing. Feed your pet better in the morning and evening. The diet of York should be meat, at least five times a week, fish and eggs, twice a week, every day of vegetables and porridge. Meat let boiled together with rice, lamb and pork eliminate. Eggs are best finely chop. Vegetables sure to let with vegetable oil and finely chopped. Use only boiled fish and sea before you feed your puppy, make sure that it does not have small bones. Finely crumbled fish can be mixed with cereal or vegetables.

some cereals can be given to puppies from 1 month