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How to feed a puppy Yorkshire Terrier

Adult Yorkshire terriers are very similar to toy dogs - small and very cute. Perhaps that is why they are glamorous girl is on his hands and handbags. About puppies and say nothing - it seems that this soft toy. But this is not the case, an approach to the education and feeding a dog has to be twice as worse than dogs to feed the usual size. Proper feeding - pledge of health of the dog and its beautiful appearance.

How to feed a puppy Yorkshire Terrier

Instruction how to feed a puppy Yorkshire Terrier

Step 1:

Buying a puppy Yorkshire Terrier breeder will question in detail how and what to eat and what was the baby of the diet. In the first 3-4 weeks, follow those recommendations, and of the diet, which followed the breeder.

Step 2:

After the puppy was 3 months, make him a second shot, and start to translate it to another power. If you're on the advice of your veterinarian decided to feed him dry food, industrial manufacturing, use only food intended for puppies. Feed him three times a day and do not leave food in the bowl, if he had not finished his portion.

Step 3:

Follow the diet and feed your dog at the same time. Adhere to standards of nutrition, they are designed for dogs of a certain age. A bowl of water should be at the same time always full. Change its content several times a day.

Step 4:

In that case, if you decide to feed your puppy natural products, you will have to work to get the menu was varied and balanced for your small dog. All products must be perfectly fresh, and they should be given on a strictly calculated norms. If at the age of 3 months, you have begun to translate dog to a new food, do it gradually over a period of 10-14 days, replacing the old food with new products.

Step 5:

Meat puppy can be given only boiled, it can be: rabbit, turkey, chicken, beef or lamb. From cereals - give preference to boiled rice and buckwheat. From dairy products puppy best offer: kefir, fermented baked milk and yogurt. Required menu curd. It should be diluted to a liquid yogurt sour cream and knead a fork condition that the puppy was easier to swallow.

Step 6:

Weight of one portion of food should not exceed the norm - 1 tablespoon with a slide feed on a pound of weight. If he weighs 1 kg, its portion - 2 table spoons of food. After 3 months, a portion of sour milk or yogurt is not considered a full-fledged feeding and should be supplemented with other foods.

Step 7:

The diet of the puppy must be at least 50% meat. He can also give boiled vegetables, but half a year their number should not exceed 1 tablespoon per day. After six months in the menu should appear raw vegetables. Do not give him fatty, sugary, salty or heavily fried foods and eliminate delicacies: sweets, red fish, eggs, hard cheese - for a baby is harmful and heavy food.