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How to feed a Siberian cat

Cats of various breeds differ in character, demeanor and habits. Siberian cat - a very beautiful and graceful animals, absolutely not picky and not whimsical at home. But food Siberians their owner must be treated with special attention, because natural food sources for domestic cats are generally not available.

How to feed a Siberian cat

Instruction how to feed Siberian cat

Step 1:

Siberian cat - an animal carnivore, so it feeding mostly natural products. The main food for cats of this breed is meat. Most useful beef with streaks. Let's take it to his furry pet daily 70-100g in chopped form. Mutton for Siberian cats choose only young and lean. And beef and mutton, you can give your pet both raw and boiled. Raw meat is excellent develops animal jaw. But the rabbit before you feed her cat, cook and clean the bones. Siberian cat is not recommended to give pork.

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Step 2:

Chicken let Siberian cat only boiled or baked form, carefully removing all the bones, sharp edges which may injure the animal stomach. Especially love the Siberian cat chicken necks, eating which helps remove tartar. Turkey, you can give your pet in its raw form. Do not feed your cat fat meat goose and duck.

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Step 3:

Include in your diet Siberian cats and offal: heart boiled, cleaned of fat, boiled beef or lamb kidneys, lungs. Very useful for Siberian cats liver. In its raw form it acts as a laxative on the animal, boiled same liver, on the contrary, reinforces. Feed the animal by-products is not more than 1 time per week.

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Step 4:

Feeding Siberian cats raw fish can cause indigestion and growth retardation. From the frequent consumption of raw fish have spoiled hair and dandruff appears. You can include in the diet of Siberian boiled lean fish. Sprat, mackerel and herring do not feed your pet.

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Step 5:

Raw eggs in the body of the Siberian cats are digested very bad. And the use of raw egg white, and all can lead to dermatitis and loss of wool. Boiled egg yolk, rich in various vitamins and trace elements, 1 time per week added to the main food of the animal.

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Step 6:

As a supplement to the main food of Siberian cats use legumes: peas, soybeans, lentils, beans. They are rich in vegetable protein and perfectly absorbed by the body of the animal.

Step 7:

Every day, let the Siberian cat at least 2 teaspoons of vegetable puree. Milk and milk products Siberian feed as infrequently as possible to avoid the animal diarrhea and colic.

Step 8:

To cleanse the stomach from the Siberian cat fur sure to add to its core food fresh herbs: parsley, dill, leaf lettuce.