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How to feed newborn kittens

It often happens is that the cat-mother can not breastfeed their newborn kittens herself. This can happen for several reasons, such as when a cat has no milk, or she refuses to take their young. Then, taking care of kids, including feeding, rests solely with their owner.

How to feed newborn kittens

Instruction how to feed newborn kittens

Step 1:

His first week of life kitten should be fed every 2 hours, even at night. The two-week kitten should be fed every 2-3 hours during the day and one at night time, and three weeks - every 4 hours during the day and 1 time at night. Intervals between feedings month baby can be increased by providing him five meals.

how to feed a kitten from a syringe

Step 2:

In the first days of life is better to feed the kittens of ordinary medicine dropper. To develop the baby's sucking reflex, do not help him during feeding. The entire contents of the pipette it must suck yourself.

What to feed newborn kittens

Step 3:

The pipette unfortunately gets not only liquid but also air. Therefore, while feeding the kitten should be given time to vomiting of swallowed air.

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Step 4:

Week kitten feed already using a disposable plastic syringe tip which is located on the edge. The piston of such syringes quite tight. By adjusting the press on it, you can only help your baby to suck the liquid alone. The main thing - do not give a kitten lose sucking reflex, because then restore it virtually impossible.

What to feed a kitten month

Step 5:

Feed the newborn kitten desirable special mixture, which can be purchased at any pet store. Cooking should be strictly according to the instructions provided with each package mix, focusing on the age of the baby.

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Step 6:

The mixture for feeding a kitten you can prepare yourself at home. To this end, 100 grams of milk you need to add a raw egg and a few drops of vitamins A and D.

Step 7:

Week 1 kitten feeding should be given 30ml mixture on its 100g weight, two-week baby - 38ml at 100g weight, three-week - 46ml at 100g weight, and monthly - 53ml 160g weight on his body. To properly calculate the portion for feeding a kitten, it is advisable to weigh the baby daily.

Step 8:

Before feeding the kitten is necessary to determine the temperature of the food. It's enough to drop a prepared mixture on the elbow. The mixture should be slightly warm, but not hot.

Step 9:

In a six-week diet kitten can add low-fat cottage cheese, not pulling away from the feed mixture. Stop feeding kitten milk can only 8 weeks after birth.