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How to feed Russian spaniel

dog food - a pledge of her health. Your pet should be offered only healthy food, contributing to its development. To maintain Russian Spaniel in good shape is necessary to observe all the rules of feeding.

How to feed Russian spaniel

You will need:

- dry concentrated feed; - Canned food; - Beef; - Heads of chicken and duck; - Offal; - a fish; - Cereals; - dairy; - Vegetables; - fruit.

Instruction how to feed Russian spaniel

Step 1:

Select the type of dog food diet consists of foods that correspond to the nature of the animal. Russian Spaniel - the hunting dog, so the food should be high-calorie. Feed it need beef meat, boiled fish, offal, chicken and duck heads, cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. All this must be trained for when drawing up the diet. If you do not want to bother with cooking, use ready-made food - dry or concentrated in the form of canned food.

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Step 2:

Calculate the amount of feed dry and wet diet requires a different amount of feed. For example, a dog with a dry ration of 1 kg of body weight is necessary for the normal physiological range 15-40g feed and humid diet - 30-60 g

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Step 3:

Prepare meat food best food for Russian spaniel - raw meat. Filling an adult dog bowl, observe strict rule: Cut meat in pieces, and large bones with the remains of cartilage chop - so they are more comfortable to chew. Do not include in the diet of long bones - they break up and form sharp edges that can harm the health of the animal. Let spaniel meat and offal, alternating every other day.

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Step 4:

Offer the dog a fish She must necessarily enter into the diet of Russian spaniel. If the fish is large, remove large bones and sharp pectoral and dorsal fins. Spend the thermal processing of the product, before you get a useful piece in a bowl.

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Step 5:

Include in the diet of vegetarian food Vegetables and fruit can be fed to a dog raw or processed form. For example, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, turnips or carrots grate, and cook potatoes or extinguish small cubes. Kashi cook broth or diluted milk - it's really like dogs. To spaniel ate useful herbs (parsley, beet tops, lettuce, dill, onion, garlic), finely chop it and mix with other food. You can treat your pet raisins or dried apricots, adding delicacy to mush.

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Step 6:

Let spaniel at least twice a week, dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt or yogurt. A cheese crumble into mush into small pieces - this dish is eaten without residue. Egg should be offered no more than 1 time in 6-7 days, mixing it with any product. Without limiting the possible water spaniel buttermilk.

Step 7:

Include in the diet of vitamins to the full development of the animal needed vitamins and minerals. For veterinary advice enter them into the food in the form of mineral substances, bone meal, glycerophosphate, fish oil and other additives.

Step 8:

Follow feeding schedule Regardless of age spaniel should strictly respect its power. Establish a regular feeding time, in accordance with the frequency of the reception of dog food and its daily routine. This is especially important if you have a little puppy. Make sure that it has been fed to the full, and on time. For example, two months until he should receive the food 6 times a day, month 2-4 pups should be fed for 4 times a day, and the rising spaniel (4-7) is sufficiently three meals. Since 8 months, the dog should be given food only twice a day.