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How to feed the bulls

The reproductive ability of bulls is largely dependent on the conditions of their detention and balanced feeding. To do this, start with the biological characteristics of the animal, natural ability and the assimilation of various types of feed. This approach to the bull will provide high productivity and fertility.

How to feed the bulls

Instruction how to feed the bulls

Step 1:

Importance feeding bulls has adequate diet which should be provided with vitamins, and a large number of good quality protein, minerals. Turn in food animal feed, rich in protein, it will increase his sexual activity and the ability of sperm to fertilize. Along with the amount of protein is necessary to consider the content of carbohydrates - sugars. At 100 grams of digestible protein should account for 150 grams of sugar in the winter and in the summer of 80-110 grams.

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Step 2:

Yearling steers necessary to provide abundant feeding, at this age, their weight should be about 380 kg, not less. Bychkov older, gradually translate to moderate feeding. This growing and feeding will provide optimal conditions for their development and growth, accelerate puberty, prevent obesity.

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Step 3:

The main diet for the young bull must be a legume-grass hay with good taste and bright green. For growing steers feed should not be too difficult, it must be part of one grain ingredient - oats or corn, plus added thereto a component containing a lot of protein - dry skim or meal.

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Step 4:

The feeding bulls must be satisfied their need for trace elements: copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine and zinc. The content of the various micronutrients in the feed depends on the soil zone and fertilizers. Pay particular attention to the bulls vitamins D, A, E. To meet the needs of animals in vitamin A, give them food containing carotene. In the summer - it's green and fresh grass, and in winter - a good quality hay.

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Step 5:

In winter, the following structure is recommended diet: good quality hay - 40-45%; pellets or grass meal - 8-10%; concentrated feed - 40-45%; Special additives 4-5%. In the summer: hay - 23-25%; pellets or grass meal - 7-8%; green fodder - 34-35%; concentrated feed - 33-35%; special additives and animal feed - 1%.

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