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How to feed the carp

Karp - a valuable food fish and large breeding facility in the ponds. Artificial rearing of carp - it is quite feasible. Breeding carp may provide its artificial feeding. Without making feed for natural resources in the middle zone of the reservoir can be grown per year, not more than 20 kg of fish in terms of 0.1 m, and a dressing - several times more. Therefore, a person who chooses to breed carps, you need to know how to feed them.

How to feed the carp

Instruction how to feed the carp

Step 1:

Important for the growth and life of the fish plays forage base, consisting of natural foods and prepared feed. Artificially prepared animal feed - grain wastes of wheat, barley, corn, etc., cake and feed. If the feed is easily crumbles, then knead it into a thick dough. Grains of cereals should be swollen, and the grain or castor beans - steamed.

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Step 2:

Food make the pond by hand and using a feeder. Manually make a meal for carp feed on a strictly defined points or lines on the aquatic vegetation-free areas of the reservoir with a solid ground. In ponds with soft soil use table-feeders. You can use the trough both passive and active (proportioning feed issue) types. Very effective pendulum automatic feeders and aerokormushki.

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Step 3:

The daily feeding rate is determined by the weight of the fish and the water temperature. With a weight of up to 0.5 g amount of feed should be 100% of fish weight 500g - 2.8% of their massy.Molod carp should be fed every hour. After reaching a weight of 10 g quantity of meals can be reduced. When the water temperature 24 ° C number of feedings may not exceed 6 at 14-20 ° C - and 4 - 14 ° C is necessary to give the fish meal 2-3 times a day. In the winter when the water temperature above 6 ° C, the fish should be well fed, but the daily ration must not exceed 2% of the weight of the fish.

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Step 4:

Increasing the number of feedings supplementary nutrition should also be proportional to the reduction in the availability of natural products, ie with a minimum content of natural food - the maximum number of meals, on the other hand, during the period of maximum development of natural food - the minimum number of servings. In the presence of summing up the power it is recommended to install the equipment (preferably with a pneumatic feed spray for large-scale complex), which will provide a continuous supply of food throughout the day.

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Step 5:

Feed the carp at the same time, the ever-designated place. This produces a fish reflex, she quickly finds food, it is better to assimilate, and the food, in turn, does not have time to turn sour. Control, as the fish eats the food. If it is in some places still, hand it to the next day decrease. Thus, the artificial breeding of carp - it is quite feasible.

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