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How to fill the dog's passport

thoroughbred dog owner should know how to fill out the documents for the animal. A passport gives the right to participate in clubs, dog breeders and performance at various competitions.

How to fill the dog's passport

Instruction how to fill the dog's passport

Step 1:

International veterinary passport - a document which should ideally have each animal, regardless of whether or not it is a thoroughbred. It introduced the basic information that you need to know about the animal. When completing its follow a few rules. If you buy a purebred dog in the club, you will need a passport immediately. If a passport is not an animal, it is most likely talking about the breed defects, and so the dog can not rely on the gold medals at exhibitions.

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Step 2:

If you do own a passport, contact your state veterinary clinic. Non veterinary hospital can be vaccinated, but the right of issue it does not possess.

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Step 3:

Make sure that all the basic information about the animal were listed on the first page of the passport, his date of birth, nickname, breed, color. Also in this section you need a passport to enter the information about vaccinations, deworming and other treatments all that the dog has passed. Also in the document is brought about a dog owner.

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Step 4:

Upon entry in the vaccination passport data, paste it in his label, which contains the name of drugs and shelf life, and there should be a signature and personal physician printing. Be sure to date the introduction of the vaccine should be given.

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Step 5:

Fill in the column of reproduction. This can be done independently. Specify the day of the start of each heat and the date of mating. Do not forget to specify the number of newborn puppies and the date of their birth.

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Step 6:

If you are going to export purebred abroad, you make sure that your passport correctly filled in all the data. Only veterinary certificate may be grounds for permission to transport the dog to another country. Remember that vaccination must necessarily be carried out not later than one month before departure.