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How to find the volume of the aquarium

Each type of fish has its own preferences regarding the size of the aquarium. Some people need a lot of space, but some species can be satisfied with a little water. It is therefore important to be able to calculate the volume of the aquarium, to raise healthy pets.

How to find the volume of the aquarium

You will need:

- measuring cup or utensils, whose volume is known to you.

Instruction how to find the volume of the aquarium

Step 1:

You can calculate the geometric and the actual volume of the aquarium. Geometric volume - is the amount of water that will fit in an empty aquarium. It is calculated using the formula a * b * c, where a - is length of the tank, b - width, and with - the height. But in fact, in addition to the existing aquarium water you will have a ground, shells may have a decorative or wreck underwater castle, the equipment necessary for the life of fish, algae and inhabitants directly themselves.

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Step 2:

In order to calculate the actual volume of the aquarium, the most reliable is to use measuring utensils or even conventional banks. Fill in the future of housing and ground seashells, install the necessary equipment, set decoration and begin to fill the tank with water using the container, do not forget to count how many times you scraped the water. After the tank was full, multiply the number of liters, are placed in a bowl on the number of times that you have to fill it with water. As a result, you get the actual amount. Of course, counting the amount in this case is more convenient to just before settling fish, although this is a good way to test the aquarium for leaks. The same method can be applied to a fishbowl, as mathematically accurate calculation of their volume will not work.

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Step 3:

Often the manufacturer writes on his tank volume. The most common unit of measure - it liters, cubic centimeters and cubic meters. Remember that one liter is equal to one cubic decimeter. If you buy Aquarium in England or America, its capacity can be measured in pints or cubic inches. One pint equals 0.57 liters. If you are dealing with an American pint, the value will be more - 0.47. One cubic inch is 0,016 liters.

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