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How to get off the horse

How beautiful riding a horse! Especially if you go for a horse ride in the nature. Here, your horse is joyfully carries you through a green valley, cutting through his chest counter cool breeze. Occasionally she slows down and listen to the sounds of the surrounding forest. Sometimes she really stops to drink water from a pure transparent reservoir. But as soon as the relatives see wide open spaces, it breaks back up and flying over the tall grass. To this wonderful trip was a favorable end, it is important to know how to get off the horse.

How to get off the horse

You will need:

Skills ride horses Help experienced rider

Instruction how to get off the horse

Step 1:

In order to properly dismount the horse, remove gently with both feet out of the stirrup. Then take both reins in his left hand. Next, grab the same hand on the horse's mane, slightly higher than the withers. Lean forward. Then he put his right hand on the front part of the seat that has an arch shape. Then quietly remove your right foot from the stirrup. By freeing his leg as much as possible, relax your body, so that it slipped on the horse's back. Bend your knees, not to accidentally damage the legs of your horse. Loop the reins and a whip in his right hand.

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Step 2:

There are other tricks on how to get off the horse. In the beginning you need to stretch your right hand into the saddle. Next, pull your right leg and perekin'te it through the croup. Try not to touch with your animal as you are able to hurt him and cause minor injuries. Put your right foot on the ground. Then remove the rest of the stapes left leg. Connect both legs, so that you can easily drop the right hand. If you do not yet have sufficient experience riding a horse, do not even attempt to get off the horse. Always seek the help of an experienced rider.

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Step 3:

For pregnant women and girls, especially those in the last stages, get off the horse to be very careful, and most importantly, sometimes even without any help. Help the other person can only do harm to women's health. It could also affect the future health of the child. Get off the horse calm. Hold both hands on the saddle. Lean belly forward. Ask to be anyone to insure, in case you did not manage to calm down and remove the foot from the stirrup. Quietly go down. Try to always keep an eye on their physical form, poor women will be very difficult to get off the horse. Do not ride a horse without the necessary skill, it could adversely affect the condition of your fetus. Take care of yourself.

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