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How to get rid of bad breath in dogs

Unpleasant smell from the pet's mouth can be a serious problem for the owner, because it makes it difficult to master the normal communication with the dog. In addition, bad breath can indicate disease. Therefore, a good boss should understand and eliminate the cause of the smell as soon as possible.

How to get rid of bad breath in dogs

You will need:

- Toothpaste for dogs; - Brush or cotton pads; - greenery; - Crackers; - Bone tooth cleaning; - Soda.

Instruction how to get rid of bad breath in dogs

Step 1:

It is possible that the smell from the mouth is not hidden anything serious. After all, what man seems repugnant to the animal may be a captivating aroma. Make sure your pet and make sure it is not hauling waste from the bin and picks up on the street to spoil the remains of meat and herring heads. If the problem is a bad smell in it, then it can be easily solved - Conclusions on the street dog in a muzzle and isolate the trash.

brush your dog's teeth in Tver

Step 2:

Carefully inspect your pet's mouth. No whether the teeth of plaque, tartar, if the mucous membrane is inflamed? If dental problems still there, buy special toothpaste for dogs. You can also buy a dog toothbrush or use the nursery. It is also easy to clean dog teeth cotton pad, putting toothpaste on them. Include in the diet of dog biscuits from the dried black bread and special dog bone, help in cleaning teeth.

avoid dental disease in dogs

Step 3:

If the mouth is also a problem was not found, think about the diet of your pet. Not started if you feed it with something new, and then there was a smell from the mouth? The dog can be idiosyncrasy even fresh and quality food. Include the dog's diet herbs - parsley, alfalfa. Finely chop it and add to the usual animal feed. Chlorophyll, contained in herbs, not only improves digestion but also freshens breath.

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Step 4:

If bad breath is seen in a puppy, look, if not started to change in your pet's teeth. At this time, the dog may also experience excessive salivation and fever. To get rid of unwanted odors rinse your mouth with a weak puppy soda solution.

How to change the teeth in dogs

Step 5:

If the cleaning of teeth and diet does not help your pet get rid of odor, be sure to show it to the vet to rule out the possibility of a more serious disease.