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How to get rid of stray dogs

Stray dogs - a real problem in big cities. Gathering in the pack, they are often attacked by cats, children, and sometimes just to passersby. Shooting and liberally sprinkled poison - a cruel temporary measure does not improve the situation,

How to get rid of stray dogs

Instruction how to get rid of stray dogs

Step 1:

Restrain the number of stray animals problem of national importance, but recent domestic practices do not meet the requirements of efficiency and humanity. What to do? To start think about who might interfere with the dog on the territory of your yard (garage cooperative enterprise). Look to the grandmothers from next door. Ask around, there were cases of attacks these dogs to people. And if so, when, in what circumstances.

like an exhibition of homeless animals

Step 2:

If reliably ascertained that the attacks were injured in road DES (Directorate single customer), this service is engaged in housing and communal services and animals on its territory. They have signed contracts with the private companies involved in the killing of dogs. The money is allocated by the state, you only need a written statement.

Step 3:

If dogs are not many and they do not interfere with anyone, you need to make sure that they do not become too much. Neutering a dog - not the cheapest fun, but the effectiveness of this method is proved. Territorial animals protect their land, not letting strangers flock, and does not produce offspring. Stable yard group persists for several years, to the delight of children and compassionate old ladies.

Step 4:

Not all cities have the funds that are engaged in stray animals on private donations or public shelters. If you can not find those in the city, try to enter the zoozaschitnikov - they are willing to support you and to help raise funds.