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How to give vitamins for dogs

Not all owners of pets are thinking that dogs, like humans, need a full range of vitamins. If your pet is a long time strongly fades or does not show such activity, as earlier, perhaps we should start to give him special vitamins for dogs.

How to give vitamins for dogs

Instruction how to give vitamins for dogs

Step 1:

Before you give the dog vitamins, vote her diet. If you feed it with special feed, then the packaging of any of them should be a table with a list of staff and members of vitamins food. Examine the table and on its basis to draw conclusions about what vitamin can forego your four-legged friend.

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Step 2:

In dogs the need for vitamins is affected by such factors as the height and age of the animal, its temperament, the conditions in which the dog is contained. In most cases, the dog needed vitamins during its growth, reproduction, poor health. Adult dogs recover from various diseases much faster if they take the vitamins they need.

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Step 3:

The most important vitamins for dogs - A and D. Of course, animal and other required vitamins, but many of them it will have a sufficiently from the food, while others are only required during certain periods. Vitamin A is responsible for the work of the kidneys, visual acuity, adjustment of the functions of the salivary glands. Lack of this vitamin causes increased susceptibility to various infections and diseases. The main role of vitamin D - is to support the right dog.

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Step 4:

Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 beneficial effect on the skin and muscles to protect the animal from anemia, reduced nervous system. On the skin as well it affects vitamins F and H. For successful fertility and reproduction meets vitamin E, vitamin C as well as for human, provides protection from infectious diseases.

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Step 5:

Lack of a vitamin can be determined by the behavior of the dog, if the dog chews brick, eating earth, plaster, it lacks calcium chews your shoe insoles - the dog is not likely to have enough vitamins B, picks up the cigarette butts - it is necessary to start giving the dog vitamin P. If the dog's hair became dry and disheveled, came tearing, eye cornea turbid - animal lacks vitamin A. When rickets in dogs curved bone of the forearm, you can see that its hind legs are X-shaped.

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Step 6:

When choosing vitamins for dogs and before starting the course of any of them, consult with a veterinarian - an overdose of a vitamin can bring harm to the animal.