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How to grow a wolf

Zoologists believe that the wolf canine intelligence above and orders in the pack can serve as an example for man. Of course, it is possible to grow a wolf in captivity. But what will happen to him then? Living in nature, it can not. He can not shoot, do not know how to build relationships with the tribe. Abandoned in the house as a home dog cubs sweet, playful and affectionate. But, since the age of two, they are shown the habits of freedom-loving and independent predator that often ends fatally for one of the parties. And the wolf cubs nurse should be right.

How to grow a wolf

Instruction how to grow a wolf

Step 1:

If you take a nurse cub, pay special attention not to the nipple. Scientists have found that the level of emotional balance affects the way a wild animal feeding him. Suckling cub must be in something abut. And he touches his paws. This massage stimulates the production of milk in the mother and contributes to the development of motor activity cub. Later, these same movements they will be used during butchering meat paws.

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Step 2:

Cut the cardboard disk. Put it on the base of the nipple. Feed the cub only with this disc. The animals which were fed from a conventional pacifier, with the introduction of meat food appeared tick. Later, he subsides, but irritability, emotional instability, conflicts remain forever.

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Step 3:

Properties most nipples are also important. Make sure that the hole through which milk flows, small and sucking calf will have to spend some effort. If the milk comes easy, baby is rapidly saturated, but does not have time for this time to meet their sucking reflex and continues to have. Result - overeating, overweight, and in future conflicts over food and the inability to create a supply of food. Tight teat fosters a healthy relationship with food.

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Step 4:

In all other feeding cub and puppy dog's usual home is virtually identical. Feed your baby cow's milk or goat with the addition of raw egg yolk.

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Step 5:

As you can see, correctly bring up the cub is not as much of a problem. But to raise it from a dog will not work. The wolf - an animal with a complex psyche and certainly not home. Before deciding on a risky experiment - education cub - seek expert advice.

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Step 6:

More or less normal maintenance of the animal can be achieved with a large enclosure. Constant supervision by a specialist is required. Otherwise you will get a notorious, violent animal having besides health problems, as it provide the necessary physical activity, you can not. Do not engage in risky experiments give cub at the zoo.