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How to help fall milk teeth in the dog

The change of milk teeth at constant starts when the puppy turns three months. By the age of seven months, this process should be completed. Usually baby teeth fall out without any problems. But sometimes there are glitches - old teeth interfere with the growth of new, form of inflammation, may suffer a dog bite. Help your pet get rid of milk teeth by yourself or take him to the vet.

How to help fall milk teeth in the dog

You will need:

- sterile gauze; - Toys, dog biscuits, crackers; - Dental Gel.

Instruction to help fall milk teeth in the dog

Step 1:

Terms of the eruption and change of teeth depends on the breed of dog and the features of a particular individual. In the period from 3 to 7 months closely follow the state of the pet. From time to time, check his mouth. Please drop cutters, later - the molars and premolars. Most problems delivering fangs - they have very deep roots. However, some breeds of dogs - such as Yorkshire terriers, dog, toy terrier or dachshund - can have problems with the change of teeth.

How to change the teeth in dogs

Step 2:

As a preventive measure, let the puppy out of hard rubber toys, special bones of living, dog biscuits and crackers. Nibbling solid food and toys, baby shakes the baby teeth, gums, and they leave without problems.

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Step 3:

If the inspection you notice that the baby tooth fell out, and the constant is already beginning to erupt, to take urgent measures. Wrap the fingers with sterile gauze and gently hold the teeth. Gently shake it. If he gives in, and the puppy shows no concern, just amplify the pressure and try to pull the cutter or canine. Do not use metal tools - you can break a tooth, and it will only aggravate the problem.

Step 4:

Fang or premolar sits firmly in the jaw? Wait a few days and try again. If it still does not give in, please contact the veterinary clinic. Particularly problematic teeth doctor removes under anesthesia. At the same time ask them to check out the other baby teeth - you may want to remove them all at once.

Step 5:

Usually, puppies are quietly changing the teeth - is that they begin to actively chew on toys and other surrounding objects. But if your pet's worried the pain and itching in the gums, it starts to get nervous, whining, she refuses to eat. Try to lubricate the gums dental gel for babies. It has a pleasant taste and the dog would not object to such a procedure.