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How to herd reindeer

Reindeer - traditional and vital activity for some peoples of Siberia and the Far North. The ability to herd reindeer does not come by itself, the children adopt experience of their parents. It is important to properly manage the herd, birth control calves, finding the best pastures for animals - a shepherd many duties, the correct implementation of which will depend on the well-being of his family in many ways.

How to herd reindeer

You will need:

- trained dog husky breed; - Leather noose (chaan); - Horse sled.

Instruction how to herd reindeer

Step 1:

Before starting the herd reindeer, learn more about them as much as possible. For example, great importance is the fact that food addiction deer grind thousands of years and change them overnight is impossible. In connection with this deer routes are predictable: they are in the summer to escape the midges, go to the coast of the ocean and eat mushrooms, berries, alpine herbs, and in the winter back in the northern forests, pastures lichen and moss. This migration is often a range of 500 km, with deer grazing in different seasons has its differences.

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Step 2:

For starters learn how to manage one deer, it is you need to be able to return to the flock to escape the animal. Then watch the deer behavior in a small group and try to overtake it from one place to another.

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Step 3:

Watch for deer behavior depending on what part of the flock they are located. By turning or shifting flock to the neighboring pasture, try not to interrupt the feeding process does not need to bring them down into a dense mass. A good helper in this you will be a dog.

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Step 4:

The hottest time of the year find a cool place, and during the spring flood - high hills. To the deer are not scattered, you need to master the art of "twisting" of the herd. In addition, it is important to distribute the deer on pasture uniformly, so that everyone can find a plenty of food.

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Step 5:

In his spare time, find a flat place and train in the art of possession of a leather lasso. You should be able at any time to catch the most crooked deer. Try to remember each of the deer "in the face". Must be able to accurately count the number of deer, with no tools at hand - in the field.

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Step 6:

Early in the spring, along with other shepherds take away the herd on the sort (koralizatsiyu). Here the deer to be vaccinated, take blood for tests, conduct measurements, branded young, castrated male part, weak animals slaughtered for meat. To protect the newborn calves are immediately necessary to separate them and keep further apart.