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How to identify the male parrot

If you have got yourself a couple of parrots and want to do their cultivation, need to properly set the floor animals intended for breeding. Without compliance with this condition, your idea may fail miserably. There are several ways to determine the male parrot.

How to identify the male parrot

Instruction how to identify the male parrot

Step 1:

Take a good look at the cere. This influx of the top of the base of the beak. For budgies cere - the main method of determining sex. Young parrots cere virtually indistinguishable. With age, the males it becomes soft lilac shade from the females becomes light blue. The older the parrot, the easier it will be to determine its sex.

Step 2:

Note the color of the birds eye. Parrots breed cockatoo very well noticeable color difference. The males of this species is dark brown or black eye iris, while the female-Cockatoo is light brown.

Step 3:

Look carefully for the appearance of parrots. In pyrrhura and macaws, the male can be identified by a large head and powerful beak, which is wider at the base than in females. Parrots breed yellow cockatiel head, while females - gray. There is a characteristic pattern on the inner side of the wings in the females. The tail is black males, females - yellow and wider. Males Greys have a large broad head with a large beak, bare rim around the eyes a little wider than in females.

Step 4:

Observe the behavior of their pets. This method is used less frequently, although it is much safer to the previous one. Male budgies actively moving, painting, exploring everything that comes their way. Adult male cockatiels vigorous, slender, often in the presence of females chattering beak cage. Females are also quieter and less exercise.

Step 5:

Take a parrot in hand. If the oppression feeling, parrot behaves quietly - a male. If the bite begins to actively escape - female.

Step 6:

Notice how your birds are sitting. The fact that females have a broader pelvis. And when they were quietly sitting on a perch, their legs spread is much wider than that of the male.

Step 7:

Take lovebird parrot in his hands and put his hand on her back. Felt his index and middle fingers of the pelvis. If a narrow pelvis - male if wide - female.

Step 8:

Listen to the sounds are emitted by your parrot. Females can only scream out loud, and the male is capable of playing long beautiful melodies.