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How to keep a chinchilla

Today chinchilla content in the house - not such a rarity as a dozen years ago. This funny furry animal, resembling both a squirrel and rabbit, was in Russian apartment from South America, where it lives in nature, and won the warm sympathy of animal lovers. Chinchillas good take root at home. But to ensure that exotic pet comfortable existence, it is necessary to make sure to keep it on all the rules.

How to keep a chinchilla

Instruction how to keep a chinchilla

Step 1:

Pick a suitable cage or enclosure for a chinchilla. Since this animal is a rodent, housing need to acquire it from metal. House should be warm and dry, with good lighting and ventilation. The dimensions are selected depending on the number of animals. For a suitable cell 50 by 70 cm and a height up to 50 cm, several pets need more cage. If you are going to breed, do not buy too high cell after appearing Young necessarily begin to climb up and can fall off and for something hurt.

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Step 2:

Cage equip retractable iron pan, so it will be easier to clean. On the pan sprinkle clean sawdust. Change them have about once a week, as the chinchilla - animal neat, the smell of it is minimal. In order for your pet can relax in comfort, set within the cell a few wooden shelves. Do not interfere with the ladder on which the chinchilla will climb, and tunnels, where it will be hidden. Required element - a small house measuring approximately 30 by 15 cm and 15 cm in height. Feeder troughs and are mounted on the front wall cells. And trough better to put two (one for hay, which must be present in the diet of chinchillas).

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Step 3:

Chinchillas is vital to clean their fur in the fine river sand. Buy a special transparent kupalku size 30h20h20 cm, fill it with clean sand and 2-3 times a week, put in a cage where the chinchilla lives, for 20-30 minutes. Watch for small animals receiving a sand bath is very interesting. After this cleansing their wool becomes fluffy, mood improves significantly. But leave the container with the sand in a cage for a long time did not have to - chinchillas can go shit.

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Step 4:

Feed chinchilla should be about the same as a normal rabbit. Buy ready-made food at a pet store or on the market. Summer treats your pet fruits and carrots, plant seeds, dandelion leaves, slightly dried clover. Chinchillas like dry bread crusts. In winter, be sure to let them dry fruits, rose hips, and barberry. Do not forget the hay - it must be present in the diet. For the grinding of teeth put in a cage stone, a large piece of chalk, wooden pig.

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