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How to keep the British-kitten

Before you take the kitten home, do you think, will be able to give him time, and most importantly - provide all the necessary. Purebreds finicky eating habits, require attention and good care. In return, you get a being who will love you faithfully and unselfishly.

How to keep the British-kitten

Instruction how to keep the British-kitten

Step 1:

By the appearance of a kitten prepare a place for feeding, toilet filled, scratching posts, toys. Toilet buy roomy house can be a filler poured more. The British are very clean, so love to dig in the sand and throw it around. Difficulties accustom to the tray you should arise. Most of the kittens of this breed is very clever, and my mother-cat has taught everything you need.

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Step 2:

Kittens are very mobile. On the one hand, this breed is very unobtrusive, but on the other - kids may require to play with them. Therefore, at the initial stage of growing up be prepared to devote time to the kitten. If the house has other animals, kittens got along well with them. This breed is very sociable and non-contentious, so jealousy attacks they did not happen. You should make sure that other animals do not hurt the baby. While he could not give them back. But when it is grown, and this breed is known for its large size, other animals once again it will not turn up. At the same time quite kittens will not suffer alone, when you leave. Just take care of the entertainment for the crumbs.

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Step 3:

For entertainment arrange the playing area. This can be a complex of house, stairs, scratching posts with attached arms and balls. Because of the propensity to obesity, the cat should have a complete physical development.

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Step 4:

If the kitten will live in a country house, equip a spacious aviary for his walks in the area. British cats are not big fans of long journeys, they are couch potatoes. Nevertheless, there is a danger that the kitten can take walking strangers, because this breed is very well known. Although some animals are very aggressive to strangers. But households they love is boundless. But do not tolerate treatment to his crony. They will probably close with the owner than he has on his hands. This cat of this breed are very fond of pets and the holidays are not afraid of the cluster of guests.

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Step 5:

Do not expect the kittens will begin to show affection to you, getting to his knees and gently humming. They are always there, like a dog, but the open expression of feelings from them does not happen often. But if suddenly kitten wanted attention, he will tell you about it in a loud purring.

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Step 6:

Consider diet cat food. Make sure the breeder will question what and how he fed the kitten. And the first time, follow the usual menu. To later the baby had no health problems, decide on what system you will feed him. Either it is completely natural food, you'll cook it separately. Whether it purchased dry food, but be sure to premium - British cats digestive system is very sensitive.

Step 7:

To care for a kitten buy a special lotion to wipe the eye - kittens are isolation and a special brush for combing thick wool.