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How to keep the raven

Keep crows as pets become fashionable. However, do not fall fashion trends or momentary mood. Before you find yourself such a pet, well thought of everything, evaluate their potential. Read about education and the content of the birds all that will be able to find again a good think. Keep crow at home is difficult.

How to keep the raven

Instruction how to keep the raven

Step 1:

Raven - a very careful and clever bird. From the other members of the Corvidae family in larger sizes. Wingspan reaches 120-150 cm. The plumage of a brilliant, black with blue tint, massive beak. It lives everywhere, with the exception of North America and North Africa. It occurs, however, it is rare. And rarely in the cities. As a pet contained significantly more likely than other members of the Corvidae family.

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Step 2:

Chicks take the age of 2-3 months. Six-month chick difficult to tame. Adult birds, with few exceptions, not quite tamed. The first 1-2 months you will have to be a crow almost all the time. The nestling diet food includes porridge, cottage cheese, grated carrots, baby food without preservatives, slices of beef. It is necessary to include calcium. They feed the chicks every hour and a half. Periodically, you need to make crow outside. Use a basket or box. Make sure that the chick does not overheat.

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Step 3:

Raven - a large bird, and its contents do not fit a regular cell. It is necessary to equip the enclosure with dimensions not less than 2x2 meters. Inside the cage, place a few perches, perches or strengthen a tree with strong branches that the birds would sit comfortably on them. Cover the cage floor with linoleum or make metal pan. Fill it with sawdust.

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Step 4:

Ravens like to bathe. Give him the opportunity, otherwise it will try to swim in sippy cups. Daily or at least every other day, put the cage in a basin of water. After bathing, remove the basin.

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Step 5:

Raven - a bird activity. Properly secure the feeder and feeding cup, otherwise it will turn them constantly. Provide your pet a set of toys. For this purpose, any suitable objects of small size, preferably shiny. If a crow will have nothing to do, then he will find entertainment. Most likely, it ruins everything they can reach.

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Step 6:

Give communication with the bird for at least 2-3 hours a day, talk to Raven, because he is able to reproduce human speech. Every day, to walk, let's fly. To do this, you must export it out of town. Tamed bird returns for the host call. Not tamed and untrained bird can not let go. It can fly away, get lost and perish. Train crow possible by the method of training birds of prey.

Step 7:

The basis of the adult birds diet of meat: beef, boiled chicken, chicken neck and head, rabbit meat, mice, day-old chicks. It should also give buckwheat and oatmeal, cottage cheese, berries, apples, eggs, carrots. Do not give sweets, fatty foods, rye bread, potatoes, citrus fruits. Products can not be salted.