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How to keep the sea turtle at home

Sea turtles - very sensitive creatures that are able to bind strongly to their owners. They need not only master of love, but also the care and special attention. Improper care can lead to disease and even early death turtle.

How to keep the sea turtle at home

Instruction how to keep the house sea turtle

Step 1:

Buy for its large sea turtle aquarium, and Organize it properly. The tank must be an area of ​​land on which the turtle can climb easily. If this section is not, the animal simply drown. In addition, the aquarium should always be clean water. You can use it to cleanse the special filters, but change the water regularly still have.

Step 2:

Provide proper lighting in the aquarium. You will need a UV lamp that promotes the strengthening of tortoise-shell, as well as incandescent, allowing maintain the desired temperature in the aquarium. Lamps should be placed over a portion of the land, though their distance from the surface of the shell of the turtle should be at least 20 cm and not more than 30 cm.

Step 3:

Make sure that the air near the island is heated to 25-30 degrees C. In the aquarium should be cool, dark areas, in which the turtle can swim. The lamps should be lit for 10-12 hours per day, which corresponds to the light day.

Step 4:

Never keep an aquarium in one of several turtles of various sizes. Also, if you notice that one of the turtles is aggressive and attacks the other, it should be immediately moved to another aquarium.

Step 5:

Feed your turtle as a vegetable, and animal food. Monotonous diet can lead to disease and death to the turtle, so try to diversify the diet of their animals. Sea turtles can be fed cheese, boiled eggs, mealworms, lean fish, meat, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Step 6:

Regularly let the tortoise special vitamins and mineral supplements. Suitable crushed eggshells, bone meal, Trivia, tetravit and any vitamins for turtles.