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How to make a harness for dogs to

Breast bands for dogs are used to riding in a carriage or walking in an urban setting. With harness pet feels most comfortable with, than with a collar. She crushes the neck, allowing normal breathing, and better control of the dog owner. The most formidable breed dogs are walking on a special harness. Only these breeders recommend a walk and a little doggie. Currently, the trade represented a huge assortment of ammunition for all dogs, but if you want to harness can be made independently.

How to make a harness for dogs to

You will need:

-material for harnesses; -braid; -podkladochny material; -krepezhnye ring.

Instruction how to harness the dogs for himself

Step 1:

First, determine what material you will be sew harness. The most suitable are leather, leather or nylon. Small dogs need to choose a very soft and gentle material for sewing.

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Step 2:

Measure your dog in the chest area under the tabs. Plans should be made to the stock at the seams. If the harness to make a very dense, then the animal will be uncomfortable. Weak harness will hang out, the dog any scrapes. Therefore, the size of the pattern should be done in accordance with the material. If it is nylon, then do the exact size plus two centimeters at the seams. If the leather or imitation leather, leave allowance from two up to 5 mm in the harness itself and 2 cm at the seams.

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Step 3:

Carve out a pad of soft tissue and prostrochite on the inner side of the harness.

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Step 4:

Harness cutting, sew soft webbing around the perimeter. On the outer side of the strap prostrochite. From the back - rings for fastening. The straps can also be made with the rings to adjust the length, if your dog is still growing.

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Step 5:

For small breeds of dogs and decorative harness can be finished to your liking. Most often finish produce a variety of bows, rhinestones, stickers, fabric, in general, on the request of the owner.

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Step 6:

If the manufacturer of the harness for you seems difficult occupation, her sewing can be ordered in a special workshop, which is now a great variety.