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How to make a house rabbit

Rabbits - fluffy funny animals, bringing to the house of joy, peace and comfort. To the rabbit and it was warm and comfortable in your city apartment, build a nice home for him out of scrap materials. It does not need any special knowledge on rabbit.

How to make a house rabbit

You will need:

board or chipboard (without impregnation), net, rack, hammer, saw, nails, screws, fittings, bowls, drinking bowls, chips or straw, a bar of fruit tree.

Instruction how to make a house rabbit

Step 1:

Take paper and pencil and sketch out a rough drawing of a house, specify the dimensions, in accordance with the size of the animal.

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Step 2:

Take a blank sheet of wood for the side walls of the house. Even if you are a proud owner of a pet impressive size for wall boxes are no more than 1 × 1 m. Make a blank for the rear wall and the roof. The rear wall must also be less than 1 m in length and a height of 10-15 cm smaller side. This must be done in order to put under the grid after the floor tray. Sam cottage will stand on rails-legged.

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Step 3:

If you want to equip a single rabbit nesting office, your building will be approximately 2 times greater, respectively, and materials for walls and roofs is harvested with this in mind. The roof can make a grid or a door, but it is better - wood from the two wings on hinges, which will be open closet type.

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Step 4:

Assemble the frame of wooden planks for a house. Fix the frame grid that will serve as the floors. To do this, turn the structure and around the lower perimeter of the frame rails secure the net. You can leave a place for the breeding department, which will serve as the floor boards. Attach the back wall. Attach the side walls. Nail the upper limit to the sides: it will then be fixed roof door or additional strips for the cover-coupe.

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Step 5:

If you build a house with female branch, divide the building in half and secure with a sound board already cut through the door and the floor boards.

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Step 6:

Attach the front panel to the walls of the house. The front panel can be completely grid in both compartments, or separate the nesting space and pull the net only in the core. Make a grid of rails and door on the front panel of the core or the door leading out of the breeding department.

Step 7:

Fashioned roof of wooden planks. Fix it on the longitudinal rails and the walls of the house. Check that the roof is opened.

Step 8:

Place the pan under the bottom grid and the floor itself cover with straw or shavings in a layer of 2 cm. Put the bowl in the house and attach a special drinking bowls for pets. Put in a tree house bar, to rabbit could sharpen his teeth.