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How to make friends with a kitten cat

You are tempted and in your home where the cat lives a long time, there was a kitten. Or maybe the kid bought specifically with tribal goals. In any case, peace and quiet in your home depends on you, and on the nature of the adult cat. The first meeting will take place calmly, the faster your pets become friends.

How to make friends with a kitten cat

Instruction how to make friends with a kitten cat

Step 1:

Do not make an adult cat with a kitten to communicate forcefully. On the first day of the animals is better not to introduce, and give time to the kitten to get used to new surroundings. After a day or two, when he mastered, and an adult cat will get used to the smell, you can start the first acquaintance.

How to make friends kittens

Step 2:

First meeting must necessarily take place in your presence. If you are afraid of aggression on the part of the cat, first let them sniff through the bars. Put the kitten in a cat show and portability. Hissing adult animal should not scare you. If the cat does not rush headlong on portability with ears laid back and bared fangs - that's all right.

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Step 3:

The second meeting can try to arrange without obstacles. Open the door to the kitten room. Let the cat come in and sniff his bowl, tray, couch. Do not repulse an adult cat to have chosen the place, when suddenly he took the litter or kitten house.

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Step 4:

When a cat notices kitten, watch for his reaction. Adult cats usually do not see a competitor in the area of ​​very small cousins. Even if the cat is not neutered, he will most likely not attack first. If the veteran is still preparing to attack, strictly okriknite it.

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Step 5:

Even if a second meeting was successful, try not to leave pets unattended in the same room, and before leaving the kitten lock separately. If the senior continues to show aggression, clean cat and kitten one shampoo. This will block the smell of someone else and make a cat for a while to escape from a competitor. Do not do it, if your adult pet touchy and vindictive. At measure can be a cat castration (only if it is not intended for dilution).

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