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How to make parrot manual

Parrots all kinds - funny and cute pets. With a patience and effort, you can make quite tame. But better to start training at an early age. Adult birds by nature endowed with caution, for their domestication will take much more time and patience.

How to make parrot manual

Instruction how to make hand-parrot

Step 1:

When you bring your new pet home, allow it to enter the cell from carrying. In no case do not let the parakeet flew into the room. Otherwise, he will experience a lot of stress when you try to catch him and settle into place.

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Step 2:

Allow the bird to explore their new house. In the first days do not strain its increased attention, do not clean the cage, change the water and the food very carefully. Parrots should settle, to understand that his home is safe, that nobody wants to harm him. At the same time, do not leave your pet alone. You are somewhere nearby. Talk to the bird tender and gentle voice. When you are changing the water or give food to sentence something soothingly.

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Step 3:

Adaptation of birds usually lasts 2-3 weeks. If at that time you did everything right - not frightened parrot talked with him at a distance, it will eventually show curiosity and he wants to contact. Once you approach the cage and pet close to you, going on a perch. Do not miss this important point, be sure to encourage parrot delicacy, gently thrusting him through the bars.

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Step 4:

When the bird will take quite a treat safely, proceed to the next stage of domestication - offer to take a treat from your hand. To do this very gently and slowly push open hand into the cage. Soon the parrot would not only take food with his hands, and sat down on it. Then you can gradually accustom him to sit on you outside the cell. Carefully remove the hand with a bird outside. If she shows no concern and does not fly away, a little walk around the room, and then again put in a cage. Very soon he will learn to parrot out of their homes and come back, will fly around the apartment and land on your shoulders and arms. It is only necessary to be patient, be gentle, regularly treat your pet goodies.

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