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How to milk a cow

Milking cows - is one of the skills necessary for each owner with his household. There are two ways of milking - manual and machine. Before milking machine has only been used in a farm that contains a very large number of cows. With the advent of compact milking machines from housewives have a choice to hold or manual milking machine.

How to milk a cow

You will need:

- bread; - Salt; - Warm water; - Bucket; - Towel; - Pail; - Portable milking machine.

Instruction how to milk a cow

Step 1:

When carrying out manual milking animal should be familiar with you. Too many cows that are kept on the farmstead home, only give milk to her mistress, so you need a cow milking from the first day to teach a few people know that in the absence of anyone else could replace him.

Step 2:

Spend milking at the same time in the morning and evening. If you have enough free time, you can spend three times the milking, it will significantly increase the number of products obtained. After calving, milking should always be three times as the calf should be warm fresh milk. At present, almost no one does not contain a newborn calf by the cow.

Step 3:

Always at the same time come to a cow, affectionately calling her by name, give the animal a crust of bread, thickly sprinkled with salt. Stroke animal, wash the udder with warm water, wipe with a clean towel. Perform a gentle massage down the milk ducts and quickly start milking. The cow gives milk only the first 5-7 minutes, then his head falls off sharply. If during this time you do not have time to fully sdoit milk, it can lead to mastitis. Systematic nedodoy always lead to this serious disease that requires long and hard treatment.

Step 4:

Milking produce a fist, it means that during milking should involve all the fingers. Milking pinches when using only two fingers, also leads to mastitis.

Step 5:

If you purchased a portable milking machine, the process is greatly simplified. You do not need to care about what you do not have time to milk all the milk. Hardware milking always promotes the complete milking and animals rarely occurs on the background of mastitis nedodoya.

Step 6:

As with manual dock, wash the udder clean with warm water, secure the glasses and turn on the machine. Compact milking machines can simultaneously be used for milking a few cows, which is very convenient when the content is more than one animal.