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How to name budgerigar

Choose a favorite among budgies, it is worth considering, and the name of your new friend. By choosing nicknames should be taken very seriously, because the parrots access the name, once selected, will have a lot of years. And his nickname should like not only to you, but also the bird.

How to name budgerigar

Instruction how to name budgerigar

Step 1:

It is desirable to exclude from the list of potential variants of the names of all relatives and distant relatives as well as friends and acquaintances who can visit you at a party. Firstly, it would avoid resentment on the part of the name, because someone will be unpleasant to the owner that the bird was named in his honor. And someone on the contrary will be upset that he was not awarded this honor. And, secondly, do not allow confusion, especially if you plan to teach a parrot to talk.

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Step 2:

You can, for example, give a parrot named in honor of the hero of your favorite series or books. Orlando, Ricardo is perfect for the feathered friend, and will not be associated with any of the friends, but keep in mind that may be beyond the power to pronounce this name parrot.

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Step 3:

If you purchased the right pair of parrots, birds that can be called in honor of legendary heroes or historical persons associated with each other. For example, Kay and Grad, Bonnie and Clyde, and so on.

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Step 4:

Often referred to as the owners parrot playful nickname, such as Grumpy, Vaseline and others. In this case it is necessary to be careful, because with age the habits of birds are changing. As time passes and your Vaseline can be quite thin.

Step 5:

Before giving the parrot male or female name, specify the gender of your pet. It often happens that the former Kesha starts to hatch eggs and becomes not Keshey and Innocent.

Step 6:

If you intend to train a bird of human speech, by the choice of a name for your friend should be taken more seriously. The best thing is to stay on a short nickname, which will be a lot of hissing, and to be well-distinguishable by ear. The most easy to pronounce a poultry standpoint sibilant consonants and vowels "e" and "i". A difficulty in parrots cause whistling consonants, and "m", "n", "l" and "o". Therefore, a good choice would be the names of Ricky, Shura, Zhorik, Yasha, Cheeky, Kesha, Sherry. When your parrot learns to talk, it is easy to be able to master the pronunciation of his own name and will continue to repeat it during intercourse with his master. If you have a pair of birds, then you need to give them names that will be very different in sound that birds are not confused, and it was easier to remember their nicknames.