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How to play with the ferret

Like most animals, ferrets need of physical activity and games that allow you to properly develop muscular and skeletal systems, but also a healthy mind. They learn the world and play for about an hour, and then fast asleep. These animals are very curious, they like to get into clothes and bags, to explore all the new items.

How to play with the ferret

You will need:

plastic bag towel toys for animals

Instruction how to play with the ferret

Step 1:

Tug. Suggest ferret some interesting things, such as a towel. The animal will grab it with his teeth and attempt to drag him to his favorite corner. Without letting the towel from his hands, his twitching to tease ferret. The animal will attempt to select it and you pull over, vstryasyvaya with his head. After a while, pretend that you have won a pet, and give reluctantly towel.

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Step 2:

Plastic bag. On the floor lay a large plastic bag rustling. The animal certainly be interested in them, come up to him and begins to explore, sniff and soon climb inside. When he does, pick up the package. The animal starts to noisily jump to escape. For some time, do not let him jump, and the package is slightly potryasyvayte. Then lower the bag on the floor and "shake" ferret. Pet excited, and will come on to the package, and wag his actively expressing pleasure. After he calmed down, you can replay the game again. Rather, small animal like this fun, and it will climb again in the package.

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Step 3:

Fur Ball on a string. To string tie fur ball, it can be purchased in a pet shop and tease the animal. Also, instead of a thread, you can use a rubber band.

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Step 4:

The study of things. If you come from a journey and unpacking, or decided to tidy up your wardrobe with clothes and lay on the carpet or bed, let your pet to take part in this session. It is with great pleasure to poke their nose into the pockets, sleeves and prolazit t. N.

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Step 5:

Fight. Place the animal on the back and a little cuddle him. He takes it as a game and will fight. While he wins one hand and slap it slightly different, keep up the pace. Many pets enjoy this game and they are ready to fight. To animal lost interest, he must always win. Keep in mind that ferrets in the fight can be very painful bite, so this game will only fit completely tame animals.

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Step 6:

Toys. Each animal has their own opinion about what can be considered as a toy, and what is not. Very many ferrets like various objects made of rubber, rubber or soft plastic, for example, balls, rubber gloves, and so on. N. Some other things like fur, paper, leather, polyethylene. Pet toys can be offered, which are used for puppies and kittens. Keep in mind that ferrets have a more brusque and aggressive than females, and often bite toys or bite them any portion.