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How to predict the weather for the cat

Cats are among the most capable forecasters. Watching your favorite home, can reliably predict the weather for the next few days.

How to predict the weather for the cat

Instruction how to predict the weather for the cat

Step 1:

One of the best forecasters are cats that are all day in the apartment, and not in the street. That is the situation in which the cat is asleep, you can predict the weather.

Step 2:

If the cat is sleeping belly up, the weather outside is clear and warm. If the cat arches its back - wait for warming. When the cat sleeps in the position of the semi-circle, is expected to sudden warming and rise in temperature. When a cat is drawn to the position chord, you can expect hot and dry weather.

Step 3:

By cooling in the street may mean a ball position when the cat curls up and covers the nose paw. With the arrival of cold weather begins to look for the cat seat warmer and higher. If the cat turns in his sleep, finding a place for himself, it could mean bad weather on the street. Most often, this blizzard weather and strong wind

Step 4:

For any changes in the weather says neuemnost your home darling. Cat often flips from one side to the other, can not find a place. Moreover, the cat never without reason will not scratch the wall or carpet. This means that it will soon be expected weather changes.

Step 5:

In winter, you can predict a blizzard on whether the cat licks its tail, if so, can not escape a snowstorm. When the cat drinks more than usual is likely expected rain. So a cat who is accustomed to the street, before the rain will not hurry up and leave. Left in the house, so the cat will often approach the water. Before approaching rain, the cat begins to actively lick his tail, paws and ears rubbed.

Step 6:

When the cat's behavior is unusually excited, you need to be prepared in any disaster. The animal can feel the occurrence of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and behave restlessly. In addition, the cat may emit unpleasant sounds like a roar. Before the earthquake cat may even behave aggressively, she firmly presses the ears, hair stands on end, the animal begins to meow loudly and seek shelter. Seismically sensitive animals trying to leave the house for a few days before the quake.