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How to prepare for an exhibition of cats

Start "secular" life cat may have from 3-4 months - with the age of the animal that fully shows signs of breeds and can adequately perform on the show. To the event there were no surprises, you need to carefully prepare.

How to prepare for an exhibition of cats

You will need:

- veterinary certificate; - Powder, shampoo, spray, antistatic and other tools for grooming; - Brush; - Scissors for trimming claws; - Exhibition tent; - Tray with filler; - Bowl with water and food.

Instruction how to prepare for an exhibition of cats

Step 1:

First of all, prepare itself to a cat show. That she was not nervous a large gathering of people, advance it to accustom society to carry any friends to visit or to the country. It is desirable that there were not only people, but also other animals.

how to prepare for the exhibition siberian

Step 2:

Take care of a cat not from case to case, and on a regular basis. Once a week, furry creatures dry cleaning needs, especially if formed on the fleece mats. Pour wool powder or dry shampoo, then rub it into the base of the hair growth over the entire body. Brush suitable metal or rubber, with occasional round teeth. Do not comb your cat's tail, as the hair on it is recovering with difficulty.

how to prepare for the exhibition Oriental cats

Step 3:

A few days before the exhibition, wash the cat with water. Use only tested shampoos because they can not approach the animal, for example, cause allergies or change color. After washing, dry with a towel and a cat with a hair dryer lay wool. Do not leave wet animal, especially in a draft - after a bath it can easily catch a cold.

How to prepare a cat for exhibition

Step 4:

To highlight the bright color of your pet, use a special powder. You may also need an antistatic agent designed specifically for cats. All products Try at least one month before the show, to ensure their safety and the proper effect.

how to prepare a cat for the exhibition

Step 5:

Carefully inspect the animal and remove the forceps individual hairs that violate the uniformity of the coat and color (if not many). Trimming the claws - if the cat tsarapnet judge you immediately disqualified.

to hold an exhibition of cats

Step 6:

Refer to the state veterinary clinic and help take the "for show". Note that the certificate is valid for only 3 days, to obtain it requires medical pet passport showing all the vaccinations and the presence of most cats.

Step 7:

Prepare material: participation in the cat show, as a rule, pay. In addition, you will need to exhibit tent with a tray, a bowl for food and water. Apply for a sign indicating the breed of your pet, name and age.

Step 8:

If the cat is not quite accustomed to the noisy society of humans and other animals, so she was not worried, for a few days, start to water it soothing drops (for example, "cat Baiyun"). Before the show, you can spray the cell walls spray "Feliway ®."