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How to prepare for the exhibition York

Dog Show - is not only a demonstration of the unique advantages of various breeds, but also a serious test for the four-legged friends and their owners. From how you cared for the animals, as it is fed and brought up, and the future depends on the status of the pet show. But in order to prepare York, fattened and well-groomed, this test is needed and the other, not less serious events.

How to prepare for the exhibition York

Instruction how to prepare for the exhibition York

Step 1:

Tidy your pet's coat. Take a bowl, pour warm water into it, dissolve in water, a special shampoo for long-haired dogs. Put the dog in a bowl and, holding it with one hand, gently wash the wool sponge, moving from top to bottom. Running water rinse with soapy water. Rinse the bowl, pour warm water into it and dilute it with air conditioning, hair soak them and wash off after 5-10 minutes. Dog wrap a towel to soak the water, a little later slightly dry the hair hairdryer. Iron the hair straighteners upper strand, pre inflicting on wool means to shine. Just before the show treat fur protein spray that apply to a brush with natural bristles and comb.

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Step 2:

Spend York psychological preparation for the exhibition. Encourage your pet to walk on your left: it is subsequently needed for demonstration laps in the ring. Walk the dog, holding the leash in your left hand and constantly changing route. Introduce your pet with other dogs in the paddock, but objects from which to explore this fragile creation as york, choose suitable.

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Step 3:

Teach terrier show teeth. It will need to subsequently Exhibition jury could determine the correct bite. Sit next to the dog, and, with one hand holding the upper jaw, and the other - the lower, command "," Show your teeth! ". At the same time, gently spread the dog's mouth and check the bite, after carefully open the jaws to explore teeth. If the dog without much protest carries your team treated her lure, pat it.

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Step 4:

Teach your pet nicely to pace around the ring and take a stand. Regularly engaged with the dog to the effect was evident. During training the dog must learn to take the stand in such a way, as if someone or something looking for. Give her command: "Where is the ball?", "Where's Daddy?" (Sasha, Masha) or "Cat!". When training enlist the support of the home, to search for an object has always been in the field of view of the dog. After each successful command treats York and be sure to let him get close to the ball, daddy, Sasha, Masha, etc.

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Step 5:

Fix the most winning dog position in the rack. Every day, several times, repeat the command to pet could remember this position. Please note that the dog was comfortable, she hunched and whined. Gradually, a few seconds to several minutes, and increase the time spent Yorkshire terrier in a rack.

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Step 6:

Weekly clean the ears of a dog, using special means against ticks and otitis, wipe the eyes. In order to prevent occurrence of fleas and other parasites, get a special collar.