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How to prepare the cat castration

Neutering a cat - a fairly simple operation. But it's still surgery, which, moreover, is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, in order to help the animal easier to transfer the operation and avoid possible complications, require prior preparation.

How to prepare the cat castration

Instruction how to prepare the cat castration

Step 1:

If you decide to neuter the cat - do not just sign up for an operation. Please consult with your veterinarian - let him examine your pet will appreciate his state of health. Perhaps, before the operation will need to pass urine and feces - especially when it comes to adult animals that may already have time to "earn" urolithiasis (kidney infection is a contraindication to the surgery). If the cat found the infection or parasites - is necessary to make treatment. The operation can be done no earlier than three weeks thereafter.

Step 2:

If the cat is not vaccinated, the vaccination is also necessary to carry out the castration - 3-4 weeks. After the operation, the animal organism is weakened, and the risk of "catching" the infection will increase.

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Step 3:

Just before the cat will have to starve operation. anesthetic drugs cause a gag reflex in animals, so do the operation only on an empty stomach. Stop feeding the animal 12 hours before surgery, drink - for 4-6 hours.

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Step 4:

If the cat is very nervous during visits to the veterinarian, before an operation can be a trip to give him a sedative so that he did not feel additional stress. But in this case, be sure to consult your veterinarian beforehand.

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Step 5:

Before you go for surgery, prepare everything necessary to facilitate the cat postoperative period. The first thing you need - a warm and protected from drafts place where the cat will "depart" from the anesthesia. It is better if the "nest" will be located on the floor: in the early hours of the coordination of movements of a cat can be broken.

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Step 6:

From the tray, remove the filler. Hard pellets can pinch or clog the wound - so the first week after surgery is better to put in the tray on the torn pieces of paper. You can buy for this purpose 2-3 inexpensive roll of toilet paper.

Step 7:

You can also buy in pet shop or veterinary pharmacy postoperative plastic collar that will not allow the animal razlizyvat wound, thereby slowing down the healing process. This problem often arises when the sterilization of females, but some cats may also show increased interest in the postoperative seams. Advance to predict how an animal will behave, it is impossible, so it is better to prepare a collar in advance.