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How to protect the wall from the cat

Any owner of a house cat knows that such scratches from claws on the walls. If you do not take adequate measures, the pet quickly turn a refined setting in the "antiques". In nature, it is worn down dead cornea on rough surfaces and marks its territory odor. Fight with the fundamental needs of the animal is meaningless. Your task - to help the cat to "manicure" and at the same time preserve the finish of the apartment.

How to protect the wall from the cat

You will need:

- wear-resistant surfacing materials; - Scratching posts shops or home-made; - cat mint; - Toy for cats; - Uncared for master; - duct tape; - Consultation with your veterinarian and groomer.

Instruction how to protect the wall from the cat

Step 1:

Choose the wear-resistant surfacing materials. Cat owner should say goodbye to paper wallpaper; wood paneling and luxurious fabrics close-fitting - also not an option. Paste over the wall wallpaper washable vinyl-based or color-resistant emulsion paint (for example, marks "Tikurilla" or Terraco). If you do not wean cat scratching wall, the decorative surfaces can survive in relative order of 1.5-2 years.

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Step 2:

Reliable protection of the walls of the cat's claws, you can use the more expensive and durable materials. For example, living rooms obsheyte plastic sheet or wood-fiber panels (drevesnostruzhechnymi) plates. For bathroom and kitchen use quality matte tiles.

How to wean cat mark territory

Step 3:

If you keep a litter of cats and want to decorate the walls of the long haul, choose artificial stone or granite. Get a taste and imagination to give a "stone" room home comfort. For example, find interesting design and execute the interior in a trendy "rustic" style.

Step 4:

Prepare for cats are special places for a point of claws, then do not have to spend money on repairs. Wall carpet is enough to paste over the right color, at an altitude of meters from the floor. Another option - attach the perimeter of the room beautiful wooden panels and upholster them with scraps of soft floor coverings of different geometric shapes: square, round, diamond-shaped.

Step 5:

Fashioned "simulator" for the cat: upholster old carpet board and set it at a slight angle to the wall. As wear replace the material. An alternative to this will serve as a special homemade grinding bars of zoological shop.

Step 6:

Tame animal use scratching posts, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. Some of the proven ways: install the device near a night pet bedding and gradually remove it in the right place; grinding process column lemon cat owner (catnip); attach a favorite toy or item master. During training okleyte available space on the walls and furniture two-sided tape - cats do not like the sticky surface.

Step 7:

Keep an eye on the growth of the cat's claws. If possible, let a pet to walk longer and climb trees. The animals-homebody need to regularly remove the dead top layer of the cornea with claws. However, never do such a "Manicure" without special knowledge, so as not to cause harm to your pet. Consult with your veterinarian or feline hairdresser - groomer.