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How to put the ears Doberman

Doberman at the age of 2-3 months should pass a set of preventive medical procedures. When buying this puppy, you must be sure that he is vaccinated, has cropped ears and tail. Usually, the tail does not cause the buyer any complaints, but the ears after knocking need correctly and competently staged to give them the desired shape. This painstaking and long work.

How to put the ears Doberman

You will need:

- Medical bandage; - Wool; - elastic bandage; - Two strips of tape on 13-15 cm.

Instruction how to put the ears Doberman

Step 1:

Look Doberman is highly dependent on his head, and she, in turn, on the right arm and cupping his ears. Here are some rules that should be followed for setting ears since relief veterinarian cosmetologist.

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Step 2:

To arm the ears, but in the main, to give them a form purchase special frame-crown. This lightweight design fits over the dog's head is made of metal wire. After the relief, which is the circumcision of the ear is formed seam. This seam in the healing process tightens the edge, deforming the ear and not allowing it to stand. While the ear can not heal, treat the cut edge brilliantine (brilliant green) alternately with hydrogen peroxide. Before installing crown in advance, prepare the following materials: Medical bandage, cotton, elastic bandage, two strips of tape on 13-15 centimeters.

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Step 3:

Statement of the ears with "crown" Corona is easy, but strong enough structure of metal wire. First, try and adjust its size Doberman head. In this case, if necessary, bend or unbend, worn on the head, part of the crown.

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Step 4:

To prevent injury of the scalp, wrap the elastic metal substrate or a conventional bandage with cotton wool. In this case, if necessary, adjust the crown under head size Doberman.

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Step 5:

To keep the crown on the head, manufacture strap-eyeballs of a bandage using secured on both sides, elastic or ribbon. Then put this design Doberman head. Next effortlessly pull up to the top of the crown strap one ear. Thereafter, the inner side of one ear stick adhesive part of the strip. The second part, attach to the outside of the ear, after threading the strip across the top of the bar. Plaster press so that it secures its entire length. The same operations were carried out and the second ear. At the same time the crown must be properly installed and that the tips of the ears should be on the same level.

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Step 6:

Not too much under the throat strap tie-plot, in which the Doberman will be 7-8 days. Then remove it for two hours, and the whole procedure again, repeat.

Step 7:

When they withdraw seams and edges of the ears completely healed, finally remove the crown and join in pasting ears.