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How to raise a kitten

Raising a pet - it is laborious, requiring the owner literally inhuman patience and understanding, desire to understand your pet, find a common language with him. Besides the fact that you need to learn the behaviors and habits of animals, you need to remember about the specific characteristics of a particular breed. This happens if you want to raise a kitten.

How to raise a kitten

You will need:

- feeder; - House (litter); - Tray (2); - Toys.

Instruction how to raise a kitten

Step 1:

Follow general advice on raising kittens. Avoid moralizing and punishment, following after the commission of a misdemeanor. Remember that effective retaliation can only be in the act, but in any case not before - otherwise the cat just will not understand, for what you call it. And in any case, it is necessary to abandon the overly harsh measures. The most effective way - a simple clapping or short angry exclamation. Use one exclamation to consolidate response. Whatever you want to achieve - to wean jump on the table, or, for example, to accustom to the place, stay calm and friendliness.

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Step 2:

Use imagination to wean a kitten from unwanted actions, without damaging it. For example, put an end to his aspirations to enter the master's bed will help rustling foil, which will kill the appeal of this place to him. If you are struggling with puddles on the floor, first make sure that he is comfortable and convenient to go to the toilet in the place that you have defined it. Kittens, like adults, are large in size, so they need a lot of space - including in the tray. If they can not turn around freely there, the more likely they will look more comfortable territory for spravleniya natural needs.

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Step 3:

Make a diet, you will continue to adhere to strictly. Just think over, to whom and when it will be convenient to feed a kitten, and try to minimize the likelihood of changes in the selected mode. Remember that it is better, if the food is not all day, but served several times (more or less - depending on the age of the kitten). So you train a kitten there during certain hours. You should not have to feed it, if you do not want to instill in him the habit to beg titbits from your table. Remember the golden rule that the owner of a cat or dog - first feed the pet, then eat itself.

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Step 4:

Do not impose a kitten his place, wait until your pet is masterful find himself most comfortable corner in his house, and try to put the house or just a blanket.

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Step 5:

Do not forget that the British breed needs a lot of affection and attention, and if she will not have enough care can begin differences that significantly hamper the process of education. Especially since most of the blame for the leprosy kitten will already be based on you, and it will be difficult to understand what actions are you disagreeable.

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