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How to raise a kitten Siberian cat

Many people, regardless of age, gender and social status, choose as a pet siberian. Representatives of this breed are very beautiful, graceful, friendly and absolutely picky at home. To Siberian became for you the best friend, and you can really be proud of, to bring the kitten Siberian cat should be from the very first day of its appearance in your home.

How to raise a kitten Siberian cat

Instruction how to raise a kitten Siberian cat

Step 1:

Kittens Siberian cat is better to take the age of 2.5-3 months. By this time most kids can already do without a mother.

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Step 2:

Take care of the acquisition of all means required for the life of the Siberian cat in your home in advance. Tiny need individual bowls for food and drink, toilet, scratching posts, litter or bench, portable basket for travel, toys, combs and brushes, home first aid kit.

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Step 3:

Introducing Siberian kitten with its new housing start with the toilet. Experienced breeders of cats is recommended to put the tray in such a secluded place, to which the baby is instant access. Remember that accustom to the toilet a kitten much more easily than an adult cat.

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Step 4:

Never leave a dirty litter box, or cat makes a mess with him. If the trouble still occurs, do not scold the animal, because the blame for what happened just you. Calmly remove the kitten and put him in the tray.

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Step 5:

Treat Siberian kitten like a little baby, do not hurt and do not shout at him for the mistakes and misdeeds. In an extreme case, strictly talk to him and explain what the kid did not. Teach the little Siberian to the word "no". But do not forbid kitten everything, otherwise it will simply cease to take this command.

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Step 6:

From the very first days of the appearance of the Siberian cat in your home you decide for yourself what places you disable it to be. As a rule, many cat owners do not allow their pets to sleep on the master bed, get on a dining table, hang on the wall carpets and curtains. Ate you let your Siberian kitten violate the ban at least once, to further raise the baby will be absolutely useless.

Step 7:

Take a procedure is enough time to accustom Siberian kitten kittens. Playing with baby, periodically hold him to this useful device and scrub on his front paws kitten. So you protect your furniture from the sharp claws of a Siberian.

Step 8:

The most important thing in education Siberian kitten - is patience. Communicate with your furry baby more often, be affectionate to him. Then the pet will understand that you love him very much.