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How to raise carp in ponds

Grow carp artificial way - quite workable deal, which can handle not only experienced, but beginners and breeders. Carp - unpretentious and omnivorous fish, it has a rapid growth and absolutely undemanding to environmental conditions.

How to raise carp in ponds

Instruction how to grow carp in ponds

Step 1:

to consider forage, water quality and climate zone in which the farm is located, and to the cultivation of carp. One of the most affordable and easiest ways - stocking the pond in the spring yearlings and catch the fall. During this time, the carp will reach its maturity and marketable weight. In the absence of acquisition of yearling fish, you can use the method of stocking the pond fry and their further cultivation.

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Step 2:

Choosing carp breed is of great importance for its cultivation, keep in mind the climatic conditions. For the central and northern parts of Russia are suitable Srednerussky, Parsky, Chuvash Ropsha and carp. To the south of Russia - Stavropol and Krasnodar, in Eastern and Western Siberia - Altai and sarboyansky carp.

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Step 3:

The number of fish in the pond triggered depends entirely on its area, rather than the volume. Since carp basically takes feed from the bottom, it is necessary to consider it. Number of fish planted varies from 1000 to 2500 units per hectare. With a larger number of commodity stocking carp weight eventually get below expectations norms.

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Step 4:

Do not overfeed the fish, otherwise it will lead to a greater allocation of metabolic products, which is no good effect on the quality of water and can cause it to bloom. It is preferred to feed the carp live feed: crustaceans, bloodworms, earthworms, Tubifex and gammarus. Also include in the diet of cereals and legumes, use food rich in carbohydrates and proteins.

Step 5:

Fish quickly get used to the time and place of feeding, there may be several, and they are designated for convenience with landmarks. With a large number of carp (over 1,000 pieces), the feeding is carried out the tracks, ie, feed strip poured on the surface of the pond. The length of the track must be several tens of meters, so there is enough space for meals.

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Step 6:

Create conditions for the shelter of the pond from the sun, it will allow the fish of the time in the shade. To do this, use a natural barrier in the form of trees and shrubs planted on the beach, or a special tent.