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How to recognize the floor of the rabbit

Those planning to buy rabbits are kindly requested to learn how to determine the sex of the animals. Unfortunately, it happens that after the purchase of the female is a male or vice versa. To avoid such disappointments, learn how to determine the sex of rabbits on their own, without relying on the seller integrity.

How to recognize the floor of the rabbit

Instruction how to recognize the sex of the rabbit

Step 1:

Learn how to determine the sex of a small rabbit. Experienced breeders can identify male or female within 2 weeks after the birth of the animal. However, it is important to know that an unambiguous and absolutely precise definition of rabbit sex is only possible when the baby turns per month.

how to determine the sex of the rabbit

Step 2:

Consider the sexual organs of a rabbit. In male rabbits have not yet seen the testicles, so you need to pay attention to the location of the anal and genital openings. In female genital slit is located directly next to the anus, besides it looks elongated. In male genital opening very small and round, and it is located relatively far from the anal.

how to distinguish between sex rabbits

Step 3:

Try to determine the sex of the rabbit, which is older than 4-5 months. Place the animal on the back, remove the tail back and look at the genitals carefully. If the male in front of you, you'll notice little pink swelling - testicles. If the testicles not, try gently stretch the bottom of the animal's stomach. If you see a long slit - female before you.

how to distinguish male from female rabbits Flander

Step 4:

Please rate the appearance of the animal. Female rabbits are usually a little bigger, they have rounded flowing lines of the body and narrow head. In addition, rabbits can easily notice two rows of nipples. Males may be slightly smaller, they have a round head, which resembles its shape balloon, and the body - a strong and angular than in females.

how to distinguish a dwarf rabbit from the ordinary

Step 5:

Note the rabbit behavior. If he often rubs on different subjects muzzle jumping on toys, simulates the pairing and the like, it probably is male. However, sometimes it can behave and females, especially in moments of great excitement or to demonstrate his superiority. However, in males this behavior begins to appear already to 5 months after birth, and females - a little later.

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