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How to reduce the stiffness in the aquarium

The city water rate water hardness is quite high, so the aquarist is often required to reduce it. aquarium inhabitants feel well in water with a hardness level of 3 to 15 degrees. Some species of snails can not live in soft water, as their shells begin to break down. Viviparous fish should be kept in water with a hardness of about 10 degrees. For fish neon indicator of water hardness should not exceed 6 degrees. Sagittariya and water fern germinate well in water with a hardness of 10-14 degrees, and uviranda dies even at 5 degrees.

How to reduce the stiffness in the aquarium

Instruction how to reduce the stiffness in the aquarium

Step 1:

Do not forget to take into account that the level of water hardness varies depending on the season. Many people know well that reduces the boiling level, but it only applies to a temporary stiffening component. In stable times of the year - by the end of summer and the end of winter - it increases and the rains and floods led to a softening of water. Therefore, in the spring time preparing for spawning fish and the plants begin to grow.

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Step 2:

Excellent soften the water plants such as elodea, seaweed hara, hornwort. Their leaves and stems are usually covered with a crust, which is the calcium salt precipitate. Plants at night do not absorb carbon dioxide, and in the process of respiration of living creatures in the water, it accumulates in the tank, as a result of water hardness increases. If there are sharp fluctuations in the level of rigidity of night and day due to the large number of these plants, you can destroy in one night all the animals: they are simply suffocated. That is why the "flowering" of water - very unpleasant and dangerous phenomenon in the aquarium. Remember that it may begin in brightly lit aquariums with decaying remnants feed. Addition of distilled water to help reduce the DC component of water hardness.

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Step 3:

Besides the usual boiling, there is another possible method of obtaining hardness water, whose level is close to zero. To do this in front of the spout of boiling the kettle to fix the glass plate. At its lower edge, set the capacity to collect condensed vapors. Resulting in the container so the water will have a rigidity that is close to zero.

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Step 4:

Water hardness can be reduced by a simple freeze. The empty plastic bottle, pour 3/4 of water, cover and place in the freezer. When about half of the water is frozen, remove the container from the refrigerator. Then gently cut and remove the frozen bottle of the water. This piece of ice melted, the water will be a very low rate of hardness level.

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