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How to run a fish into a new aquarium

You decided to purchase a new aquarium and prepared it to receive new inhabitants? Note: You can not run there at once all the fish, as this may lead to dramatic consequences both for the individuals and for the entire ecosystem of the aquarium.

How to run a fish into a new aquarium

Instruction how to run a fish into a new aquarium

Step 1:

Thoroughly clean the aquarium baking soda and salt. Avoid the use of detergents, as their remains on the walls of the aquarium can harm the plants and fish.

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Step 2:

Set the aquarium on a perfectly flat surface so that the glass does not crack appeared on the fluid pressure on one of its walls.

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Step 3:

Lay the ground, pre-rinsing and boiling it. The thickness of the soil layer should be at least 5 centimeters.

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Step 4:

Install equipment for the normal functioning of the aquarium. Such equipment includes: - filter is needed to clean the aquarium from waste; - The compressor, which will saturate the water with oxygen tank; - A heater for heating the water in the cold season; - Thermometer for monitoring the temperature of the water.

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Step 5:

By installing the equipment, proceed to the planting of plants. Be careful not to plunge the point of growth to the ground, otherwise the plant roots eventually will stick out in different directions.

Step 6:

Having prepared so that the ecosystem of the tank, fill it with water. Use only tap water do not bring water from rivers and ponds, as it may contain bacteria and harmful particles of heavy metals. Wait 2 weeks.

Step 7:

If your fish are living in the wild in the same climate zone, run the aquarium all at once, if they - the natives of different latitudes, then the entering of neighbors you are unlikely to avoid casualties. In any case, the fish run better parties, so that they gradually get used to the aquarium ecosystem.

Step 8:

Each subsequent batch expose in quarantine for up to several weeks. Before starting the next group gradually change the chemical composition of water in the container in which your pets are "on the over-exposed." Within a few hours just blow a little water in a transit container of fish located there, and carefully observe their behavior. When you start each new batch of fish feed is not necessary, at this point they are not up to the meal.