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How to sew a carrier for cats

Cats often have to travel. At the exhibition, to the country, to a new apartment, or even on vacation in distant lands with caring owners. In all these cases need carrying bag. It can be purchased at a pet store, but you can sew. In this case, you'll know exactly what materials is made so essential travel item.

How to sew a carrier for cats

You will need:

- calendered nylon uppers; - Penofol or Paraple; - Flannel for lining; - Mosquito net; - 4-5 buttons; - Lightning; - Parachute straps waistband or belt; - sewing machine; - Soldering iron; - Nylon and cotton yarns; - Needles; - Chalk or soap; - Graph paper; - A pencil or ballpoint pen.

Instruction how to sew portability for Cats

Step 1:

Estimate sizes. Cat must be placed loosely in a bag, but at the same time there should not be too much space. Carrying length is about 1.5 of the length of the nose of the animal prior to the tail. The width and height - a little more than half the length.

Carrying Dog

Step 2:

Draw on graph paper the pattern. Draw a rectangle for the bottom according to the sizes. Side portion can be cut out of the strip, whose width is equal to the carrying height and length - the bottom perimeter. For the top flap also draw a rectangle. As it is the same length as the bottom, but its width is about one and a half times greater.

How to choose a bag for portability-dog

Step 3:

Cutting parts of the insulation, calendered nylon and flannel. Upper valve do without insulation, only flannel and calender. Carve another valve of mosquito nets.

sew jacket dog

Step 4:

Sew the framework of the heater. If you are using penofol, assemble the box so that the foil was outside. Paraple sew thread kapron, vdet a thick needle. The frame can be a universal glue and glue. Spread the ends, firmly press them long edges of the side parts of the blank and allow to dry.

prepare a cat for the move

Step 5:

By the bottom of calendered nylon stitched, and then baste the long strip of the side part. Calendered fabric is best to cut the soldering iron on the line, in which case the joints can not handle. Cut off from the parachute straps or ribbons corsage belt 1.5-2 m 2 pen length. Mark the position of the workpiece. Hands should be placed symmetrically and cover the entire carrier, but the top of the valve. Baste it and stitched, and then sew the short side of the strip.

Step 6:

Fold the wrong side of the flannel and calender valves. Baste Stitch all seams and, in addition, that valve will be sewn to the back of the carrying. Stitches razutyuzhte and remove the item on the front side. Open cut then iron on the wrong side, then turn in allowances inside and then iron again. The valve of the mosquito nets on obsheyte edged, folded it in half. Leave unlined edge that will pritachivatsya to the rear. Insert the open mesh section of the main valve in the allowances. Baste the valve to the rear of the carrying and Stitch.

Step 7:

Baste the seams and Sew short sides. Insert into the outer part of the frame insulation and sew in a few places to Paraple allowance. Allowances can be glued to paraplenovym detail.

Step 8:

Carve and sew the lining. The joints must be on the wrong side. Sidewall can be made in one piece, so as not to have to mess around with the angles. Treat cuts overlocking. Remove the lining so that the front of it was inside a carry, and put it in the frame of the heater. Fold allowances of external and internal parts of the bag. Baste them sostrochite on the front side at a distance of 0.1 cm from the edge.

Step 9:

Both valves and cut the loops neaten. The front part of the carrying sew buttons. Handles can be stapled together, but it can be attached to the plastic buckle. In this case the length is adjustable.