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How to sew shoes for dogs

Dogs, especially small, smooth-haired puppies and breeds, need shoes for walking, exhibitions, even for the house; so as not to catch a cold, do not dirty paws, not hurt, and just look extravagant. The trouble is that many still consider clothes and shoes for pets are not a necessity and whim of the owners, a luxury. This creates a high price level on this kind of products. But you can make shoes for your dog yourself.

How to sew shoes for dogs

You will need:

a piece of dense, but soft tissue (bike x / b), felt insole (these are sold in shoe stores, shops, and even in some kiosks), a piece of skin (can be artificial) or rubberized fabric.

Instruction how to sew shoes for dogs

Step 1:

Remove the dog from the measurements. Put her hands on a piece of paper and gently press the top, circle around the legs with claws circle, very close. Typically, the front legs a little more back, so remove measurements from both pairs of legs. The diameter of the sole will be cut with a margin on allowances. Next, measure the height from the floor to the carpal joint, the height from the floor to the top of the intended product, paw thickness at its widest point.

Step 2:

Now for the pattern. The sole is almost carved out, turn away from the clutches of half a centimeter diameter, and cut out a circle for the rear and front paws. For tops draw a rectangle whose length is equal to the height of the shoe (also do stock 1-2 cm) and width - the diameter of the legs at the widest point. Do not forget to make notes that will mark where the wrist and hock joints.

Step 3:

Cut out the pattern pieces and move them to the fabric, secure with pins or sewing needles, and then cutting the fabric. Patterns soles make additional leather or rubber, and from felt.

Step 4:

To secure the shoe to fit a dog's paw wide elastic band. At the level of the wrist joint and just above the hock make small slits, so that you can skip through them kuliskoy gum.

Step 5:

Prepare soles - sew together leather or rubber, felt and base fabric. Now you can sew the ankle at the bottom, the seam can be left outside and handle it with glue PVC glue or rubber band (for impermeability on street walks), or you can simply decorate it - deliberately coarse stitches sewn with colored threads. If you hide the seam inside, it is better to sew bootleg to the claws do not cling to the roller on the bottom.

Step 6:

To better rested shoes, we can mount to be a continuation of the lace from the top-gum kuliske - they will be connected through the back. Garnish can be thin cloth tape or braid, only short, the dog did not notice it, or quickly untie.