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How to teach a young horse

Despite the fact that horses can be quite easy to develop conditioned reflexes, horse training - a difficult task that requires attention, patience and a good knowledge of the behavior of the animal.

How to teach a young horse

You will need:

- ammunition; - Treat.

Instruction how to train a young horse

Step 1:

The easiest way to train a horse three years of age. Those animals that before training spent much time with people who are trained faster and lighter than their counterparts raised on pasture.

how to train a horse

Step 2:

Do not demand too much from the animal, do not overestimate his intelligence. Be consistent in its demands: if yesterday you were punished for the commission of any act, it is not necessary today for the same act to encourage

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Step 3:

Do not fret because of stubbornness or misunderstanding team delivered. Transfer sessions at any other time, if you feel tired and you start to get angry.

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Step 4:

First accustom the horse to a saddle and bridle. This is best obtained from a person who is caring for her. The better and more confident you will do it, the calmer the animal will later. When teaching behave carefully and cautiously, because the horse is very shy creatures with an excellent memory. The first tack, relax the horse stroking his neck and back. Give her a treat. Carry out the procedure with an assistant in the familiar surroundings of the animal (stall or stall).

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Step 5:

Saddle horse, remember that cinches in the early stages zaezdki can not be delayed. Remove the saddle all excess straps and stirrups. Gradually, as habituation, fasten them back.

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Step 6:

If under the saddle of a horse appeared voltage, in any case, she did not sit down. To urge the animal in a circle until it lost its stiffness.

Step 7:

Teach your horse to obey Schenkel. Schenkel - a slight movement of the legs, prompting the horse paced movement. You do not need to shy away from this rule and to teach an animal just using the whip or leg kick.

Step 8:

Keep in mind that the horse - herd animal, prone to figure out their place in the hierarchy (which, like a dog, includes humans). There are cases when the horse tries to "take control" and begins to command the rider: lucky, which wants to bite, if you do not give a treat. Be firm and do not allow such behavior.