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How to teach speaking Grey

If your gray Grey is not talking to you, I blame only you. After Grey - recognized talkers of all parrots. They are easy to reproduce not only the words or phrases, but they can even mimic the tone of voice, his intonation or any other sounds. But keep in mind that the Greys differ difficult character, and to speak your pet, you will have to try.

How to teach speaking Grey

Instruction how to teach speaking Grey

Step 1:

When buying, choose a young bird. Parrot has to be calm, sociable and not be afraid of people. Bird, who is watching you closely and actively listens, has more capacity for speech training. The optimum age for buying - 1-2 months.

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Step 2:

Be sure to let the bird adapt. This may take up to two - three weeks. All parrots are difficult to tolerate changes in environment. The older the parrot, the higher the stress for him. Take your time, let it settle in a new place.

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Step 3:

Teach a parrot to his presence after he mastered the new location. Take care of the bird, showcase it its friendliness. Speak in a calm tone, and never raised his voice to a parrot. Proceed to employment, when the contact is established.

Step 4:

Constantly talking parrot. Pronounce words clearly and slowly. Affectionately referred to him by name. Comment all his actions aloud. Do this every time you feed a bird, clean the cage or simply approach the parrot.

Step 5:

Remove from the room distracting objects, turn off the TV or music. Parrot is very curious and easily distracted, so should be quiet in the room. Practise every day at the same time, for example, after the morning and evening feedings.

Step 6:

Do not cover the cage with a thick cloth, a parrot can just go to sleep. In addition, it will be easier to train if you see birds reaction. Engage twice a day for 15 minutes. Gradually training time can be increased.

Step 7:

Parrot easier to accept the word that stands out in ordinary speech, so for the first time, select the word, in which there is a hissing sound or the sound of the "p". The word should not be long. Do not try to learn a few words at once. Go to a new word only after the bird is clearly and confidently say the first one.

Step 8:

The first words of the parrot must learn only one person. Let it be the family member to whom the parrot refers more sympathetic. The bird must understand that learning is drawn to it.

Step 9:

Very good ability to stimulate conversations presence of mirrors. Parrot see in the mirror of another bird and wants to get her attention. It is highly likely that he will try to make it into words. But the studies of mirror remove cells.

Step 10:

Occupation should only be voluntary. Do not force the bird to repeat the words, if it has lost interest in you. Do not try to get her attention. Do not forget to praise the after school parrot treat some delicacy. He quickly understand the relationship between the event and want to make a tasty meal again.