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How to teach your team "give paw"

Teach your pet's team "give paw", You kill two birds at once. First, you'll be able to brag to your friends that you have such a clever dog. Secondly, it will be easier to inspect a dog paw, if it will hurt them, or when it will be necessary to cut the claws or wash the paws after a walk.

How to teach your team

You will need:

treat for dogs

Instruction how to teach the team "give paw"

Step 1:

Seat your dog on a convenient place on the team "sit", Then tell her several times "give paw". At the same time, take the paw above the wrist and lift it (to approximately the dog's shoulder). Wait a few seconds and then Treat pet his favorite treat, and lower leg. And so it was repeated several times.

as well as the | how to teach a dog team, give paw

Step 2:

Each time the dog will be generated by a reflex, and she will submit to you a paw. If she can not understand the command, then repeat and gently push her paw. After the performed tricks do not forget to praise the dog. Over time, the dog will understand what you want from it, and you will not have to raise her own leg.

how to teach a puppy to give a paw

Step 3:

Once your pet is itself execute a command, you can complicate it by adding to it "Give the other leg". If you and does not want to stop, you can teach your pet commands "let the left leg" and "Give the right paw". This is done on the same principle as the one paw. First, write the one he used to serve, and then another. If he does not give the paw, you must gently push the one you need to, then give him a treat. The main thing do everything carefully, will not be hurt the dog, and do not forget to encourage.

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