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How to teach your cat to go to the toilet

In the house there was a kitten? Do not forget as soon as will be the first wave of emotion, enthusiastic transmission of this furry lump purred hands and refreshments in the form of bowls with milk, to teach a kitten to the tray.

How to teach your cat to go to the toilet

Instruction how to teach the cats to go to the toilet

Step 1:

Because of its inherent cleanliness cats, wherever they are, themselves seek out a place for small needs. But that they do not accidentally become your new sneakers or shoes visitors, try to teach the kitten already from young age to go into the tray. If you have just brought the kid or an adult cat home, feed and food immediately after the plant in pre-prepared tray. He should be standing there, where there will be all the time to come, as long as you will live your pet.

how to teach a dog to the toilet kakot

Step 2:

Perhaps he did not immediately understand what you want from him. Therefore, in the process of education be patient. Keep the tray. Adults and young representatives of the cat family more than anything else does not like wet feet. Because of their natural inclination to clean they can simply ignore the dirty tray. Remember that even if the first couple of hours of his stay at your house cat has made his business where it should be, but you just do not clean up after him, "pussy" next time podyschet another place, if not wean from the pan .

how to teach your dog to go to the toilet in one place a little dog

Step 3:

Prepare to be that kittens and adult cats can even Skoda. For example, use the designated areas and at the same time mark the corners. Perhaps pet someone frightened when he climbed into the tray. If he is afraid, then rest assured that he will get a place party. Try moving the tray to another location or change it to another. Choose a safe location, the cat used to it and felt comfortable.

how to teach a dog to the toilet

Step 4:

In no case do not use aggression when a pet, "a fancy" shoes or new furniture. Cats vindictive. They may harbor a grudge for a long time, and then suddenly attack. Not tychte his nose in his own puddle. Perhaps he will take it as a demand to make their business here once more. Soak a cotton pad in his puddle and take a clean tray.

how to train cats go to the toilet

Step 5:

If you want instead of a tray pet go to the toilet, try to teach him. Strictly gradually by 1 cm per day, the newspaper puts a tray, standing close to the toilet. The design must be reliable. Make sure that the cat continues to walk on the tray, and does not suspect danger. When the level of the tower will grow a newspaper to the toilet, put it in the tray. Make sure the cat climbs up and continues to do his business in the right place. Then remove the tray away or discard.

as after a meal, you can give the kitten a liquid paraffin