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How to teach your cat to talk

One of the differences between man and animals is our ability to talk. Some scientists suggest that the only reason why our pets can not master our language - different structure of their mouthparts. However, with proper training, you can train your cat to say the simplest human words.

How to teach your cat to talk

Instruction how to teach a cat to talk

Step 1:

Begin to educate pet from infancy. Adult cats are extremely difficult to train a, while the kids are still able to regroup and take your efforts to teach them whatever tricks. Speech Education is no exception. In addition, training more amenable representatives male cats are more capricious and independent, and their mouthparts are not so flexible and very difficult to change.

Step 2:

Listen to the natural pet language. Notice how he meows. Each cat in its own way expresses their feelings, emotions and desires. Clothe yourselves with all the richness of the language at the same cat "Meow", You make a mistake, because in fact it is much more rich and different for each individual. Locate your pet meow "the words"Resembling something out of our speech.

Step 3:

Begin to work with vocabulary units found. Let's separate sound coming from a kitten, it reminds you of the word "meat". Once you hear it, repeat the word "meat" and praise the child. Reinforcements - an important stage of the work. Play the game in reverse: say the word "meat". If the kitten is necessary to respond sound - praise. This step is extremely important to be observant, because the sounds that emit a cat, usually associated with a particular situation. utters the words "meat" directly at the moment who the appearance of the corresponding sound seems the most likely. So you will increase the likelihood of a quick fix of the lesson.

Step 4:

Do not expand the number of words until you master one. Be consistent and patient. Just be sure that the first lesson thoroughly fixed, proceed to the expansion of vocabulary. Do not forget about the constant repetition.

Step 5:

Do not be too demanding. You do not teach a cat to say the word "meat" as we are accustomed to hearing it. Remember how difficult it is to understand someone who speaks with an accent. Your pet will also pronounce "the words" somewhat differently. And here it all depends on your attitude. If you believe that your cat is able to Pronounce "meat"Then you will be able to hear it.

Step 6:

Be careful to demonstrate pet talents in front of guests. Make sure they are - understanding people and do not expect miracles from a cat. All animals are extremely vulnerable and can not tolerate when laugh at them. If your company there are skeptics who may just laugh at her showcase your joint efforts, it is better to refrain from public statements and "have a talk" alone with a cat.